Tap Forms has 4 different ways of printing your records:

  1. Record Details with the Default Layout
  2. Record Details with a Custom Layout
  3. Table of records in a list format
  4. Labels in a grid format

To print your data, click on the File menu and then click on the Print menu item.

1. Record Details with the Default Layout

The benefit of printing the Default Layout is that it’s quick to get a nice printed report of your record details. Also, if a single record is quite long, Tap Forms will intelligently span the printout of the record across multiple pages, avoiding cutting off the contents of an individual field across pages.

Initially when you display the Print sheet, it will appear with only the very basic print settings.

To see the advanced print settings, click on the Show Details button.

You can also use the Fields list to select which fields you would like to print or not print. Tap Forms will make sure there are no gaps in the printout as you enable or disable different fields.

The print sheet will expand to display many more options for printing, including a variety of Tap Forms specific options.

The top area of the print sheet contain standard print settings that are available in most apps. You can select the printer, the number of copies, which pages to print, the paper size, and the paper orientation.

The bottom area contains options specific to Tap Forms.

Most of the options in the Tap Forms area are only relevant for printing the Default Layout and the Table of records layout. They have no effect on printing custom layouts other than the following options:

  1. Print selected records – to print just the records you’ve selected in the records list view.
  2. Print all records – no matter how many records are selected.
  3. Print field borders – to enable or disable printing of any borders around fields in your custom layout.

2. Record Details with a custom layout

There’s not much difference in the print sheet when you’re printing a custom layout.

3. Table of records in a list format

If you need to print multiple records per page in a list format with headers and footers, then use this print layout. Tap Forms will print as many columns as will fit on a single page width. You can change to landscape orientation to get more room to print additional columns. You can also enable or disable different fields to print on the multi-column list view.

To change the field print order:

  1. Select the Multi-Column list view
  2. Click the select fields icon to the right of the field list
  3. Drag the fields up or down to match the desired print order which will also be displayed in the Multi-Column List View after Save is clicked.
  4. Click Save to save the desired order for the Multi-Column List View and also for printing.

Most of the options on the print sheet will have some effect on the printout. For example, you can enable or disable the printing of the form name, the date, the time, and choose whether or not you want alternating light and dark row backgrounds for your records.

4. Labels in a grid format

Last modified: May 11, 2019

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