Whether you’re migrating from a previous version or restoring your database from a backup, bringing your data over to Tap Forms only requires a few steps.

Backing Up

First, you’ll need to backup each of your database documents. In the General tab of Preferences are backup settings, where you can customize how you’d like your documents to be backed up. Here, you’ll also see an option for where you’d like your backups to reside – by default, they’ll live in a custom “Backup” folder tied to the app’s system files. However, if you’d like to move the backup folder to a more accessible location or a cloud service’s folder, you can do so by clicking the dropdown menu.

When working with backups, you can choose to have Tap Forms backed up on quit or manually. Whichever way you select, backups are the most crucial part of bringing your data over into your version of Tap Forms. Without this step, you will not be able to recover your information.

Restoring and Migrating after Backup

At the time of migration, you’ll first launch your copy of Tap Forms, then click on the “Migrate from previous version…” option; this is also the path you’ll take when restoring from a backup. Follow the steps shown on screen, which are as follows:

  1. Choose your backup file: This is where you’ll choose the version of the database document that you’d like to restore into Tap Forms. By clicking the “Choose…” button and navigating to the relevant location, you can choose the file for restore.
  2. Name your new document: Type in the name of your new document. This can be the previous document’s name or something new.
  3. Enter your encryption key: If you had an encrypted document or field in your previous document, you’ll need to enter the passcode for that file. Without it, you will not be able to migrate the document over to your copy of Tap Forms. Once decrypting the file, you can visit Preferences to re-encrypt.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be on your way to working with your old document.

Last modified: Oct 07, 2018

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