For text and numbers fields, the typical input is through basic entry via the keyboard. However, for fields with long or specific numbers, titles, labels, etc., pick lists offer the convenience needed to quickly categorize your data. With pick lists, you can create a set of options that, when one is selected, can populate a field. This eliminates the need to reference other records for spelling or previously created options.

Pick lists are managed in the Preferences under the “Lists” tab, either accessible from the Tap Forms 5 dropdown menu in the macOS menubar or by navigating to Tools > “Edit Pick Lists…”.

Pick lists, which display in the small white area next to a field in a record, are assigned values either from list or from field. From list values are ones that you’ll create based on what’s relevant to your field, like a set of numbers or the various genres in your movie library. From field, on the other hand, uses values from another form’s fields to assign values to the pick list.

There are six different styles of Pick Lists under the “Display As” column heading.

  1. Single Value Popover – This is the default style where Tap Forms will display a popover view that allows you to select a single value.
  2. Multi-Value Popover – A multi-value pick list will allow you to select more than one value to assign to a field.
  3. Combo Box – This gives you a popup button that also has a type-ahead text field as part of it. You can type a value and Tap Forms will fill in the rest or you can click the arrow (or press the down arrow key on your keyboard) to display a list of possible values.
  4. Popup Button – This gives you a popup button that contains the list of values available. You can select a single value from the popup button.
  5. Checkbox Button – This provides a set of checkboxes in a grid format. The grid is determined by the “Checkbox/Radio Columns” property in text and numbers fields and is a great tool for displaying different options in different forms in the same way.
  6. Radio Button – This is similar to the checkbox button option, but will instead display radio buttons.

After you’ve created your pick list, you’ll need to assign it to the appropriate text or number field. In the Forms sidebar under the Field tab, select the field and navigate to the bottom of the sidebar. There, you’ll see a dropdown menu to select your pick list. Pick lists can be assigned to one or more fields.

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