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iOS 11 support in Tap Forms

Hey There,

I just wanted to let you all know that the current 5.1.4 version of Tap Forms does work in iOS 11 as long as you don't use the Add to Calendar or Add to Reminders function. There may be an issue with scrolling in long Note fields too.

I've been hard at work on Tap Forms 5.2 which addresses this problem and comes with a whole host of new features. But over the past week I've been wanting to submit an update for my TestFlight beta testers with some more fixes and new features, but I've had some troubles with the service Apple provides developers. It won't let me add new builds for TestFlight beta testers. And since I'd rather have Tap Forms 5.2 thoroughly tested before I release it to the public, I thought I'd better wait before releasing the update to you.

So please bear with me until I can get Tap Forms 5.2 fully tested. As soon as my iTunes Connect problems are resolved I'll be able to submit the latest build to my beta testers. Then I'll be able to publish the 5.2 update to the App Stores.

Thanks, and sorry for the delay in getting Tap Forms 5.2 out the door.

And for those customers still on the older 4.0.7 version of Tap Forms, in my rather cursory testing, I haven't found any real issues with iOS 10 other than the action menu display on the record details view on the iPhone going all wonky when you rotate to landscape orientation. If you find any other issues after upgrading to iOS 11, please let me know and I'll fix them in a forthcoming update.



14 Responses to “iOS 11 support in Tap Forms”

  1. Nigel Croot says:

    Hi. I’m using 4.0.7 and after the ios11 update I can’t import photos into my database. Can you have a look at this please?

    • Brendan says:

      Can you check to make sure that Tap Forms still has permission to import photos? I’m assuming you mean selecting a photo from the Photo Library on a Photo field?

      I just tested that and it still works in iOS 11 for me.


      • Nigel Croot says:

        Brendan, thanks for the quick reply. The import from photo library is now working after 2 hours of not! What doesn’t work now is copying and pasting text into a note field. Maybe that will just sort itself as well?

      • Nigel Croot says:

        From a website that I usually take data from. I’ve also tried pasting into notes and then copying it from there and no joy. I can write directly in the notes section though but there is a lot of text that I don’t wan to have to re-type every time.

        • Brendan says:

          Are you tapping the Edit button before you paste? And what part isn’t working? So you have something on the clipboard, you tap the Edit button, you double-tap to bring up the paste function. Then you tap Paste. Then what happens?

      • Nigel Croot says:

        It is a blank field so no edit option. I copy my text and press paste and nothing happens. I can type text into the field but not paste. I have over 2000 records in my tap form database so know my way round this excellent app but just this one problem for me at the moment.

        • Brendan says:

          Hmm… It’s possible I’ve fixed this issue already. I’m using Tap Forms 4.0.8 right now. I haven’t yet published it. I should probably get on that. It removes Dropbox as a sync option because they shut that down, but iCloud is still there.

          • Nigel Croot says:

            Please release it soon Brendan as I’ve already upgraded once and use Tap Forms every day. Many thanks for the great support and best database app available!

          • Nigel Croot says:

            Brendan. Still can’t paste into the notes field. I have more than 100 people in my club that use Tap Forms with a form I created and we really need to paste into notes. I have already paid for one update and don’t really want to upgrade tomTapforms 5 as I don’t want it to do anything more than it did before. I just need it to work like it did before ios11. Many thanks.

        • Brendan says:

          Hi Nigel.

          I just deleted Tap Forms from my iPhone 7 (iOS 11.0.3) and re-downloaded it from the App Store. It’s version 4.0.7. I was able to successfully paste into a Note field no problem. So I’m not sure why you’re not able to paste into a Note field. I created a new record, then tapped on my Note field. Then I double-tapped and then tapped the Paste button that appeared. I did it multiple times with multiple records. Can you use the iOS 11 screen recording function to make a video showing me the issue and email it to



  2. Kathy Zachry says:

    I have TF 5 and just upgraded my iPad to iOS 11.02. My form had 2 photo fields; one of them was completely gone after the upgrade. Fortunately, I hadn’t upgraded the ios on my iPhone so I made a backup file from the iPhone and restored the iPad from that. Memo to me: make a TF backup before any iOS upgrades!

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