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Tap Forms 5.2.1 Released

Hey everyone,

Today Tap Forms 5.2.1 has been released to the world. From here on forward in this post I'll just call it Tap Forms 5.2.

Tap Forms 5.2 represents months of work to provide you with some cool new features.

What's New in 5.2

  • iOS 11 support.
  • The Bento Template Import function now supports importing the Bento Simple List field type (macOS only).
  • Import Contacts from Apple Contacts directly into a special Contacts form in Tap Forms (macOS only).
  • New Table field type. Now you can create simple tables that don't require creating a separate form. This is useful for storing multiple values within a single field within your form. For example, the new Import Contacts function uses a Table field to store multi-valued fields such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, and addresses.
  • New Join option for a Link to Form's Link Type property. With the Join Link Type you can now connect forms together using a match field between a parent form and a child form. For example, if you had an Order form and an Order Items form, Tap Forms can automatically display a list of Order Item records for a given Order if the Order and Order Items records both have the same Order Number field value.
  • Drag and Drop between Tap Forms and other apps on iOS 11 on iPad. You can now drag a photo from Tap Forms to the Photos app. You can also drag a photo from the Photos app into a Photo field inside Tap Forms. You can also drag files from the Apple Files app into the Files area in Tap Forms.
  • Support for many new functions in the formula editor for the Calculation field type. There are new functions for formatting dates and numbers and performing other operations on text values. On the iOS version the list of functions is also now displayed when you tap on the fx button.
  • Improvements to the iCloud sync function to prevent some of the error messages customers had been receiving during syncing.

That's it for now.



21 Responses to “Tap Forms 5.2.1 Released”

  1. Ron Lowe says:

    Hi Brendan,
    Great job! Before I download the new version, is it for all my devices? Have you fixed the Appointment to Apple calendar sync???


    Ron Lowe

  2. Brendan says:

    Yes, version 5.2.1 also fixes the Add to Calendar and Add to Reminders buttons on iOS 11.

    • Chris says:

      I recently downloaded Tap Forms for iPad (v. 5.2), thinking that I could use this software to migrate from Bento to Tap Forms. Following the release of IOS 11,my Bento does not work on the iPad. Would I be right in saying that to migrate Bento to my iPad, I would have to achieve this using Taps Forms for mac, which I currently don’t have?

      • Brendan says:

        Yes, that’s right. You would first have to sync with Bento for Mac from your iPad, then use the Export Template function in Bento for Mac in order to then import into Tap Forms for Mac. The Bento .bentoTemplate file importer only works in Tap Forms for Mac.

        So that’s a problem though if Bento isn’t working on your iPad anymore. If you had Bento 4 for iPad, then there’s an Email Library function which will generate a CSV file that you can email to yourself then import that into Tap Forms. But the Bento Template Import function in Tap Forms 5 for Mac is able to import all of your data and forms and it does its best to recreate the layouts of your forms during the import process.



  3. Michael Warner says:

    In V5.2.1 the password field has disappeared!

    This is a complete disaster!


  4. Michael Warner says:

    The Text field I used for passwords has disappeared; help!

  5. Martin says:

    After installing V5.2.1 I can’t open my documents!

  6. William Childress says:

    Tapforms immediately opens the forms when I open the app. The security features are no longer functional. It does not ask for a password as before and it just opens. Trying to adjust the security settings has no effect. Also, I tried to enable Touch ID and the setting just turns itself off. You need to look at this ASAP. I did try powering off the device and booted from a cold start. The lastest update is the culprit.

  7. Tommy Ydier says:

    Hello, the new table field type is nice but if I add a line by mistake there seems to be no way to delete it even if I like put nothing in all the fields.

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Tommy,

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the iOS version because on the Mac version there’s a [–] button right below the table that lets you delete the currently selected Table field record.

      To delete a record on iOS, tap to view the record details, then tap the action menu button. Then tap the Delete button.

  8. Tommy Ydier says:

    It worked thanks (yes it was iOS)

    And is there a way to get Table records inside Calculation fields formula?

  9. Jeremy says:

    Hi Brendan, I emailed through the support as well on but I just found this and might find its way to you quicker. I am trying to generate a specific item ID or SKU number to associate with parts we are inputting into tap forms as a inventory management but mainly to help get new products listed that do not have a unique identifier. I was thinking maybe the calculation field would be able to do this. Right now our sku’s are at 210000002298, so the next one it would generate is 210000002299, etc, etc.

    Thank you

  10. Tom_RV10 says:

    New version seems to have issue with calculation field. When adding two columns, if one is blank, it does not assume zero, it just returns no value. I worked around this by multiplying each column by 1.0 before adding and that seems to work.

  11. Mandie Davis says:

    Hi Brendan,

    I am just about to franchise my company and have my first franchisee, who I am training next week. I use Tap Forms and am asking that my franchisees do the same. I was just about to email my franchisee to ask her to make sure she has Tap Forms downloaded ready for training – and find it looks completely different! ? I am rushed off my feet trying to get everything ready but I need to download and update my version and then find out the differences so I can confidently train her on how to use it. I don’t suppose anyone could call me and talk me through this so that I can quickly achieve the update of my program and know the differences so I can train. (I know it’s only the first franchisee but hopefully it’s the first of many!)

    Kind regards

  12. Hyunuk says:

    I have already bought tap forms 5 for Mac. I want to use tap forms 5 on iPad.
    Should I buy tap forms 5 for iPad again?

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