Tap Forms for Mac includes a Bento Template Import command to help you migrate from Bento to Tap Forms. Bento has been discontinued by FileMaker and is not fully compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

To import your Bento template in Tap Forms:

1. Launch Bento and select your library.

2. Select Export… from the File menu and choose the Template option.

Make sure you click on each related library displayed in the “Include these related libraries” list if you want Tap Forms to be able to join your related forms together. Also click on “Include records in template” if you want Tap Forms be able to import your Bento data also.

3. Save your template.

4. Launch Tap Forms and select the “Import Bento Template” command from the File menu and select your Bento template file.

Click the Choose button when you’ve found your Bento template.

Tap Forms will now import your template and records.

If your template contains more than one related form, Tap Forms will automatically create a new category for you and put your related forms together inside that category. The category will be given a name based upon the file name of the template you are importing.

You will need to expand the category to view the forms by clicking on the triangle just to the left of the category name.

Last modified: May 21, 2015

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