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  • March 6, 2015 at 2:32 PM #13103


    Someone made an template for windowcleaning company?

    Looking for template with interval scheduling and payment oversight.

    Any idea?

    March 15, 2015 at 6:30 PM #13158

    Jimmy Uptain

    I’m building a template for my bosses pest control company. A very small one.
    As far as scheduling goes, we have a wide variety of needs that TF doesn’t currently support.
    My workaround is simply using Calendar for my reminders and TF for Work Orders.
    For instance, If I have a reoccurring appointment for the second Tuesday of each month, I just put it in the calendar.
    I also have a child form called “properties”. Within that form there is a field called “schedule”. This is a text field. I then created a pick list that can have multiple entries.
    Now the pick list contains the words “first, second, third”, etc. Also in that pick list, I have the days of the week.
    So If I wanna create work orders for the next day, I just create a search that says to find, within the field “schedule” anything that matches, for instance “second Tuesday”.
    I then have a list of everything due on the second tuesday.
    Now as far as payment goes, just create a field (a form maybe better) that has the payment info.
    Have a field called “amount due”.
    Then create a search that shows only the records where the “amount due” field is greater than zero.
    This may be bad way to do things, but I’m kinda teaching myself as I go.
    This database has been a work in progress, but my boss is quite happy with it.

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