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  • November 25, 2021 at 9:03 PM #45798

    Sam Moffatt

    On Twitter there was an ask to have a field decrease in value based on the action in another form. I use scripting and model a transaction log style interface to not only keep balances but record the transactions as they happen for accountability (where did my yarn balls go?).

    In Part 1 I work through the initial structure and layout of the forms as well as creating our first script to set the balance for a yarn ball. Part 2 covers creating a “Library” script and the work needed to handle adding and removing entries whilst maintaining the transaction log. This then gets applied to the “products” form so that we can see how to use the bill of materials to reduce the balances whilst maintaining a log of what happened.

    Attached is an export of the Yarn Balls form template which should contain the forms, fields and scripts covered in the videos.

    If there is interest I can go through and do a third part with some quality of life improvements, adding some extra validation and potentially creating another form with produced items automatically linked together.

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