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    I want to set up a database about Formula 1 racing. Each record will hold a F1 driver. On this record I will add a field for each race and in that field I will enter the finishing position of the particular driver.

    Something like this:

    Record 1
    Driver: Hamilton
    Monza: positon 3
    Silverstone: position 2
    Monaco: position 1

    Record 2
    Driver: Bottas
    Monza: positon 4
    Silverstone: position 1
    Monaco: position 2


    Furthermore I want to make visible the result of each race. For example:



    How can I make the result of each race visible by using the result per driver from the driver records? Every race has to be a separate form.

    Any suggestions?

    November 20, 2023 at 5:44 PM #50148



    This is a bit tricky because in Tap Forms a relationship just establishes a connection between records in different forms. It doesn’t store any data other than pointing to the selected records.

    So with a Link to Form field there would be no way to specify additional data on the related record such as the driver finishing position.

    This can be achieved by using a Table field though. Although the disadvantage of a Table field is you can’t see the data from both sides of the relationship. So in your case, your Race form could show a list of the drivers and their final positions, but then you couldn’t look at the Drivers form and see which final position they came in for each race.

    But one option might be to have 3 forms.  Races, Drivers, and Driver Positions.

    Races would link to Driver Positions (one-to-many).

    Driver Positions would link to Drivers (one-to-many).

    In a future version of Tap Forms I would like to modify the Link to Form field to allow you to specify a custom set of fields you could use for collecting additional data along with the relationship.

    The Table field allows you to connect to a form to be used to copy values from the selected record from the connected form. You can then have additional fields that store extra information.

    The Invoices document I made does that:


    November 21, 2023 at 4:15 AM #50149


    Thank you very much.

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