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  • May 9, 2022 at 12:28 AM #47239

    Michael Tucker

    I am providing a series of templates related to Stock (Ticker) Trading in general and how to anticipate and possibly reap good or windfall returns based on the current theory some folks hold that some “Meme Stocks” (like GME, AMC, BBBY…) may highly appreciate during a “MOASS” situation.

    The templates are intended to be flexible tools whether used for typical trading, learning trading, or to get your ducks in a row for a possible “MOASS Event” that could be happening in the not so long away future.

    There is a mindset among many folks that the current price of some of the “Meme Stocks”, and in particular the stock GME, might inflate to $1000, $10,000, $100,000 or more during an upcoming MOASS event. Last year the GME stock made the news worldwide when it went into the $300’s. It now costs in the range of $110-$150, so it is an attractive dream play for many. The “event” could be a brief spike or take months. There could be several peaks, with ups and downs.

    There is some speculation that a MOASS event is at this point in time building, perhaps to reach the top (or one of them?) as soon as July 2022. The entry price will go up so much it would be unaffordable for frugal folks to buy In so, for those who want to investigate and enjoy using Tap Forms, I wanted to get these templates out sooner than later. I just got them where I think they do a good job, YMMV.

    Per-MOASS, these may help you focus on what your monetary aspirations might be (your goals), then take you all the way to how to “cash out”.

    Non-MOASS, these templates could be used (by keeping notes of info and tips) for tracking your investigations before you determine stocks are worthy of putting a stake into them for typical long term or short term trading.

    These could also be useful if you took a course to learn how to trade stocks, day trade, etc. — probably just add a “Journal”, perhaps an “Expense Log”…

    As with many subjects, you can go down many rabbit holes and spend endless time getting opinions. There is some sense of not waiting too long, and so I have
    provided a kickstart reference you can go to to learn from.
    All this is much better explained about MOASS and how some folks might choose to use a “ladder approach” to selling during an upcoming MOASS Event.

    These and other topics are mentioned many times over many episodes, and well explained — by Houston Wade — for sure you can hear about it in episode 98, Jan 18, 2022 “Houston, We have a Problem, Live Cast 98: Swiss Alps pt 2. Short Attacks still.” [YouTube channel “houstonwade”]

    If it pleases you, take the info, it’s free; check out the templates, those are also free; and make your own determinations; best wishes.


    I’m going to upload the two bare bones .tff files to the forum; they expand out to 6 forms that work in conjunction.

    I’ll also upload a third file, the documentation that helps you know how to use the forms.

    The full materials, are in a folder on dropbox (details below):

    Main Folder: Investing_Set

    ——A-Lst (List).tff

    You only need to import “A-Lst (List).tff”
    Expands to: A-Lst (List), A-NT (News /Tips), A-TP (Transactions /Portfolio)

    ** I order these A-Lst, A-TP, A-NT — in Category “Assets”


    You only need to import “What-If.tff”
    Expands to: Goals, Ladder., What-If

    ** I order these What-If, Goals Ladder — in Category “What-If”


    SubSubFolder—About The Templates
    ——Holds This Note

    SubSubFolder—Houston Wade Explains
    ——Web URL to full Movie — YouTube — 1/18/22 — Houston Wade, Live Cast 98
    ——Movie Clipping — YouTube — 1/18/22 — Houston Wade, Live Cast 98 — about GME (Value, MOASS, Ladder Method)

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    May 9, 2022 at 9:52 PM #47248


    Incredible work Michael!

    But what does MOASS stand for again?

    May 15, 2022 at 4:26 PM #47333

    Michael Tucker

    Mother of all short sales.

    When shares are synthetic (the market makers sell shares that are not on the books) — this can be fudged for long periods of time. There is a lot of profit getting income from selling non existent shares. Much more complicated, because market makers are also pulling out money on puts and calls — the up & down spikes — if you are on the other side of those spikes those make money over and over. However, when these shorted shares must be accounted for — someone has to pony up money for the folks who bought shares. So if there are 15 fakes, they have to buy back 15 times to make that 1 share good. Eventually they loose balance, and the shares are recalled. Those holding shares can drive up the price when the shares have to be bought back during the demand cause they can’t do it over time, they have to cover them immediately. I just let the smarter folks figure it out, i.e. Houston Wade does a good job & it doesn’t cost a cent to listen to him on youtube & he won’t give you a headache cause he’s easy to listen to & talks about anything you bring up. But the theory is buy yourself say 8 shares. If they run up $200k each that’s quite a gain from ~$100-$150 each investment. Life changing could be. Shoot fixing your car could cost as much but not likely get you back 1000+ return. This isn’t passive — you need to pay attention, but seems it could be worth a few days (weeks) glued to the markets when it hits. The ladder in the Tap Forms templates helps you paper handle it to be prepared. You could find worse ways of spending a few hours!

    May 16, 2022 at 2:13 AM #47340


    The only stock I ever heard of costing 6 figures was Berkshire Hathaway. BRK-A $465,011.00 as of Friday. I’d be very surprised if GME went up that high. It would be very interesting if they did though. Historic for sure.

    May 26, 2022 at 9:40 PM #47392

    Michael Tucker

    These MOASS Ladder templates have gotten some revisions..

    (1) Mainly I had forgotten to connect the fractional shares field, and when corrected that blew three scripts, all revised.

    (2) Then also I have added a way to re-use the Goal Section within multiple Ladders. Usually your goal list would remain static.

    New versions below.

    May 26, 2022 at 10:09 PM #47397

    Michael Tucker

    woops, files below

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