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  • November 24, 2009 at 6:01 AM #3029


    Version 1.8

    Problem 1: Backup

    I had downloaded SyncDoc and backed up successfully first time. It was a test so in order to change the backup location I deleted the first back up and tried again in the same computer as well as in a different laptop. Although Tap forms can see the SyncDoc surver running, it wont backup. Selecting the server give a notice “Invalid Server The server selected was not a valid SyncDocs server”. Is there a solution to this problem?

    Problem 2: Changes made in form

    I wanted to make a new database based on the format of a existing one. I thought the forms behave as templates (it does but only when you make a copy) so I modified a existing frame by deleted some of the field and adding a few. The result is that I lost several fields in my previous database. I could not find or recover those data. Question–> Are those data are still in there or they gets deleted and cleared up automatically?

    A separate question:

    Is there a way to get the whole database (not export)intact copied in my PC? If yes then is it possible to use a program like SQLite Expert (I am guessing that Tap Form database is based on SQLite)to edit and modify the database?

    A Note: Despite my extensive search I could not find a easy to use database program like Tap Forms, Bento, Clarisworks for Windows PC. I have tried MS Access and others.

    November 24, 2009 at 7:36 AM #3834


    Hello Nastanir,

    1. Sometimes the firewall can get in the way of performing a backup. Try stopping Tap Forms (which I’m sure you did), quit SyncDocs (which I’m sure you did), and try rebooting your machine. In SyncDocs, tap the Setup button and see if you can adjust the port being used. I use 8080 and it works. But I also have to allow my firewall to accept connections on port 8080.

    2. A form is a template for all the records held within it. If you want to make a form similar to one you already have, you must make a duplicate of the form and modify that form. If you delete a field from a form, you delete that field from every record that references that form. Think of a form as a spreadsheet in Excel. If you delete a column in Excel, what happens to all the rows beneath the column? The rows in the column you deleted all get deleted and there’s no going back. It’s the same with Tap Forms. A form is just like a spreadsheet.

    3. When you use SyncDocs to do a backup, there will be a file in the backup called TapForms_db.sqlite. That’s the database file. But I wouldn’t recommend fiddling with it or you might cause Tap Forms to crash if you do something the app isn’t expecting if you do a restore with an altered database.

    4. I’m working on a desktop version of Tap Forms for Mac (initially), but it’s going to be a while before it’s ready.



    November 25, 2009 at 10:45 AM #3835


    1. I have tested again with a different computer (Windows 7) and different network (D-link wi-fi router) and backup worked. Although I am yet to figure out correct setting for the first network (Airport Express) and computer (Vista) where everything else works and firewall is set to allow SyncDoc connection.

    Note1: As I was able to make a back up I have secured the contents by password protecting the folder using 7Zip (open source) thus avoiding exposing the picture and audio files.

    Note2: I have also recovered the lost audio and pictures files which were there in the backup folder. So while deleting a field delete the data, it does not delete the photo and audio files. Back up is a way to recover those.

    2. I understood.

    3. I have tried to open the sqLite file and you are right. I won’t mess that file. What I did not knew before is that all the databases in Tapforma are infact part of one sqlite database. The forms are not individual databases.

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Everything is working nicely. Hopefully 1.8.2 will make things even better.

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