Tap Forms 3.x/4.x Dropbox being turned off in September [Updated]

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    Hey there,

    [Update June 26, 2017]:

    Dropbox has now extended support for their Dropbox Sync API until September 28, 2017:



    Just wanted to let you know that in June, Dropbox will be shutting down their Dropbox API v1 servers. These are the servers that their Dropbox Sync API framework connects to. That’s the framework that Tap Forms 3.x uses for syncing with Dropbox. So if you’re using Dropbox for syncing Tap Forms 3.x for Mac or Tap Forms 4.x for iOS, then you should probably switch over to iCloud soon or upgrade to Tap Forms 5.

    I just received a reminder email about it from Dropbox today.

    Hi Brendan,

    We’re turning off API v1 soon. As a reminder, you’ll need to sign in to the Dropbox developers site and acknowledge this change.

    Until you do, new users of your app will see a warning when linking their Dropbox accounts, and active users of your app will receive a warning email.

    I’ve decided not to acknowledge the change because I want Dropbox to send out emails and I want them to provide warnings to people trying to connect to Dropbox from within Tap Forms 3.x/4.x.

    This issue does not affect Tap Forms 5 at all.



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