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  • December 6, 2018 at 8:07 AM #32443

    James Coulombe

    I created a project in MacBook Pro A
    Set the sync for iCloud
    Using same account on MacBook Pro B, all is working, sync seems fine.
    Added iPad, all seemed ok.
    Noticed this AM, when adding new layouts, fields to MacBook Pro B, the layout information such as new fields or layouts do not show up on either MacBook Pro A or iPad, however changes made to the data in fields that were created DO sync.

    Any ideas? Is there a method to “reset” the sync?

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    December 6, 2018 at 4:09 PM #32457

    James Coulombe

    As an update this to this I see the fields on the forms and data are both synchronizing, but the new layout does not copy to the either MacBook Pro A or the iPad

    December 6, 2018 at 9:59 PM #32465


    Hi James,

    I moved your post to the Using Tap Forms forum. You had it in the Tap Forms Template Exchange forum. That forum is meant for customers who want to share their form templates they’ve created.

    Custom layouts are not available on the iOS version of Tap Forms.

    They should sync.

    Try renaming your custom layout on the device where it exists and see if that comes over to your other device. Try quitting and re-launching Tap Forms on all devices to see if that solves the problem. Perhaps just a refresh issue.

    December 6, 2018 at 10:05 PM #32466

    James Coulombe

    Oh my what a rookie move…thank you for moving it.
    I understand the custom form doesn’t show up on iOS but it should appear as a form, like the other ones do.

    I have disabled, removed from iCloud on all 3 devices, one at a time, and then setup sync again.
    I have restarted each one.
    I have reboot each device.
    After more testing today, it is just the one layout.
    So there is a default layout, a custom layout, and then a print version of the custom layout and it’s this print version that doesn’t show up. Though everyone would want to use it.

    Any other ideas? Thanks for your help and fast response!

    December 7, 2018 at 12:53 PM #32481

    James Coulombe

    First of all, exceptional customer service going on behind the scenes through support email, I am so grateful for all your patience and explanations.

    I thought I should share a walk through on resolving my failed iCloud sync issue.
    I am certain I caused it but not fully understanding the best practices in setting it up.

    Here are the steps to resolve in the event anyone else runs into this issue with sync to iCloud.

    First chose which device has all the data, and we will call that one the “master” device.

    1) Disable cloud sync on all devices.
    2) Delete from iCloud on the “master” device.
    3) Delete the old documents from all devices using the database document manager screen except on the “master” device.
    4) Export each form to archive format.
    5) Create new document on master device.
    6) Import each form.
    7) Close newly created database and using the database document manager screen, delete old corrupted database document on the “master” device.
    8) Open the newly created database.
    9) Turn on iCloud Sync and allow time for it to synchronize.
    10) Close the document
    11) Open the document and make a few changes to some field texts like first name from John to Bill etc.
    12) Allow to synchronize to iCloud.
    13) Close the Document
    14) Warning before proceeding, if using AirDrop, do not click OPEN on the second device.
    15) From the document manager screen, select the newly created database and click on the airdrop icon OR, copy to the second computer manually.
    15) Find the copy of the newly created document in your second computer, if using AirDrop it appears under downloads.
    16) IMPORTANT: Drag and drop this newly created database into the database document manager or copy into ~/Library/Containers/com.tapzapp.tapforms-mac/Data/Documents
    17) From the database documents window (do not double click in finder to open) open up the newly created database on the second computer.
    18) Turn on iCloud Sync – allow time for the sync to complete (little spinning arrows on lower right hand side will stop and a last Uploaded time and date will appear.
    19) Test and enjoy!

    *IMPORTANT: Do not use finder to copy database documents, always use the database document manager (the first screen that shows up when you start Tap Forms) . You can use finder to delete .tapform documents provided they are not in use by Tap Forms.

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