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  • July 21, 2019 at 10:12 PM #36007

    Sam Moffatt

    This is a script that will only set a field value if it is currently set to an empty value or is set to a specified default value. This is useful for blindly setting a value on a field without having to do the check work yourself.

    If you use my ‘Script Manager’ form, I call this one ‘setIfEmpty’ and you load it as:

    document.getFormNamed('Script Manager').runScriptNamed('setIfEmpty');

    // ========== setIfEmpty Start ========== //
    // NAME: setIfEmpty
    // VERSION: 1.0
     * Set a field if it is currently empty or matches the default value.
     * target: 			The record to use (TFFormEntry object)
     * fieldId:			The field ID (e.g. <code>fld-hash</code>) to set.
     * value:			The value to set in the field.
     * defaultValue:	The default value of the field.
     * return: boolean true if set or boolean false if unset.
    function setIfEmpty(target, fieldId, value, defaultValue)
    	var current = target.getFieldValue(fieldId);
    	if ((!current || current == defaultValue) && current != value)
    		console.log('setIfEmpty passed for ' + fieldId + ', setting to: ' + value);
    		target.setFieldValue(fieldId, value);
    		return true;
    		console.log('setIfEmpty failed for ' + fieldId + ', skipping.');
    		return false;
    // ========== setIfEmpty End ========== //

    Simple example of how to use it:

    setIfEmpty(record, 'fld-39ca9564ef2347ac93f933bc9a2316ac', result.fields.title, null);
    setIfEmpty(record, 'fld-39379cdff743496f9a1ccbdc1ae56297', result.fields.quantity, 1);

    The first has a default of null (TapForms’ default default value) and the second has a default of 1 which obviously is a configured value for a number field.

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