Populating empty "location" with lat & lon data

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  • February 5, 2019 at 1:39 PM #33662

    I have a suble script problem:
    I want to create an artificial location field value.

    I wrote this little script:

    function SetCoordinates() {
    	// Durch eigenen Code ersetzen
    	var coord_id = 'fld-65d2a762b14542f9abbca1d521df2e37';
    	var title_id = 'fld-692eb15910f7433181f8f8a6b2fceccc';
    	var gps_lon_id = 'fld-4a453e4f44854f0f893d3e275d4342c4';
    	var gps_lat_id = 'fld-4dfd053afaec40b58395083e694085ac';
    	var location_value = record.getFieldValue(coord_id);
    	location_value["title"]= "GST " + record.getFieldValue(title_id);
    	record.setFieldValue(coord_id, location_value);

    If the field coord_id has already a value this works.
    If it has no value (such es no one pressed the location icon before) this doesn’t work. How can I create an empty data structure of the type location?

    Thanks for hints

    February 5, 2019 at 2:19 PM #33669


    The Location field value is just a dictionary. So you need to make a new dictionary object in JavaScript before you set the values on it. Essentially you’re getting a null value back from getFieldValue(). If you get a null value, then you just create an empty dictionary and then your code should work.

    var location = {};

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