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  • July 13, 2019 at 2:54 AM #35897

    D J Leason

    I would like to track data for how each herb was acquired,(Harvested ( from my Garden, wildcrafted)(Fresh Weight in oz) (Use immediately, freeze it, Dry it or transplant it)

    Bought either Consumable Supplies;Herbs( Dried Herbs, Plants, Trees, Seeds, Bare Root); Menstruum:( );Additives ( ); Packaging ();Office ();Storage Supplies ()-And for the above:
    Order Date, Delivery Date, Merchant, Invoice #, Invoice Date, Lot #, Sold by unit, $/unit, Sales Tax, Shipping, Invoice TTL, Shipping Method, Payment method, Payment Date), Gifted to me, traded for it.

    Also Growing info like started from seeds(started inside or direct seeded outside) (Date Planted,Date Germinated, % of germination, outside bed location,% survival,Date transplanted,# of days to harvest,Parts used) or roots or live plant or cuttings.Growing conditions: Season to plant,Light, Soil, water, spacing, days or months or years until harvest.

    Processing: Dry it, Freeze it or store it where?

    Consume it: Drink it (tea blends, nutritional values) Eat it: (how to cook them,Recipes )

    Work in Progress: Start a Potion,
    (Tincture, Oil or Vinegar); parts used- flowering tops, flowers,leaves,seeds,stem,aerial,root,stem bark, root bark, bark,fruit,fruiting body), (Method: Folk or Weight to Volume), (Chosen form: From fresh, Frozen or Dried), (Status:Wild, Cultivated or Bought) (Menstruum: Vodka, Brandy, Rum, Everclear, EVOO, ACV w/mother,ACV w/o mother, water), Maceration time in days, start date, end date, strain date, if Weight to Volume method then Materia Medica Ratio calculation, yield in oz
    Date strained, Date bottled, Bottle size,Storage Location,

    Inventory it and be able to auto-add/remove # oz from a certain bottle in a certain storage location and move or use for personal use or give as a gift or free sample, spoiled, spilled. I need to know what I have macerating and how many jars of each size and where it is macerating and the stage of completion of work in progress and when the on-hand amount gets low a reminder to make more and how much I have in storage and where it is.


    July 17, 2020 at 1:43 PM #41344

    T.L. Ford

    In trying to learn Tap Forms, I thought this request sounded interesting. I realize that any need is long gone, but I figured I’d play with it anyway and post my solution for other people who might be looking for something similar.

    There are probably mistakes (vaguely tested) and things that should have been done differently. Feel free to correct things and post a better version.

    July 18, 2020 at 5:46 AM #41359

    T.L. Ford

    Not too sure what happened to my reply, so I’ll repost. I just got Tap Forms and am playing around with it and this request, although long deprecated, was an interesting challenge. Here’s my solution. (2mb – it’s an archive with demo data and help table).

    The data schema is attached here and shows the one-to-many relationships in use.

    The calculation update is in one monolithic script and I’m now playing with record-level script fields.

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