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    Hi folks!

    As a tabform newbie I have to say first, that tabforms is a great tool. So we are trying to solve the database needs of our small business with it.

    We are organizing motorbike tours, that our guests book via our website. So the website formular is delivering us a csv-file with the booking dates. And with this, we have to tasks to solve:

    For historical reasons the csv file is not delivering the data in the form we shold have it in the database. In some field there is a long sentence, that in the database should become just one word, in other fields we have to delete some html tags (shame on us), and, last but not least, some fields have to create new fields in the database.

    In our so far excell-massaker (okay, numbers-massaker) we solved this with a “translation-table”. > > Copying the csv data in one row.
    > There is another “translation table”
    > So, the second raw uses a lot of “if-then” skripts
    to look up for the right translations in the translation table
    and delivers the “normalized” clean/exact data to the second row.

    Actually I see no way to use the import procedure of tabforms to do that.

    Therefore I think about the classical datbase way:

    > Importing the raw-data into a table/form.
    > Having a translation-table/form in the database
    > Having a button, that triggers a skript, which translates the raw-data and…
    > produces two new records
    >> one in the table/form “guests”
    >> one in the table/form “bookings”

    Should not be so tricky, or?

    So, do you have any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,


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