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  • July 4, 2015 at 5:27 PM #14152

    Alfredo Baker

    I would like to know if Tap Form app will help me solve this problem:
    Situation: I am a psychiatrist and one of the tools we use very often are patient reported outcomes aka, Outcomes Measures. Some common outcomes measures are: PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire, 9 questions) which assess depressive symptoms. Another one is GAD-7 (Generalized Anxiety, 7 questions). Presently, we don’t have a database that stores the responses and scoring for every patient but instead most of us doing it by hand. Every patient should have at least an initial assessment and then another one within 90 days to assess any improvement from therapy and/or with use of medication

    Propose Solution:
    I would like to know if Tap Form can do the following:
    1. Create a fillable form that patient can fill in via an iPad
    2. Once filled, this form will be stored with the patient’s specific identifier
    3. Data from the form will contain the scoring, patient identifier, date given, etc.
    4. Patient takes the same outcome again within 90 days later and it is saved with same information
    5. Review the specific patient outcomes scores graphically that show scores, dates, any other information and see if the patient scores have improved.
    6. Have a table type report showing the patient Outcomes Measures with their specific dates and scores so it can be copied or pasted on our electronic medical notes.

    In this too much for this app to do? My other solution was to obtain FileMaker but it is so expensive that I just don’t want to take that route at all.

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

    Dr. Baker

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