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  • September 19, 2021 at 6:14 PM #45327

    Nick-hugh Wisdom

    Hello all! I am new to TAP FORMS 5 and would like some direction in terms of creating a form to log my Anesthesia cases and then being able to determine the number of each type of case/procedure has been done. For example say I did 5 cases and then with the 5 cases I logged doing a nerve block in only two of the cases; then I want a form that then will have the totals. So peripheral nerve blocks 2 for example.

    September 21, 2021 at 12:29 AM #45330


    Hi Nick-hugh,

    Have you started to build something yet to meet these needs? If so, then perhaps a screenshot of what you have currently would be helpful.

    But if you haven’t, then I’d start with a Cases form that contains the basic information that you nee to keep track of. A Case Type field with a Pick List attached to it that contains a list of the different possible Case Types would be helpful.

    Then you can tell Tap Forms to set the Group Records By setting to your Case Type field. Tap Forms will then group your records by each different case type value.

    You can then ask Tap Forms to display the count of the Case Type values by setting the Summary Calculation option for that field to Count. If you enable the Show Group Summaries option on the records list screen, Tap Forms will display a sub-total below every section. In this way you can see how many Case Type records there are for each individual case type.

    There are of course other ways of doing this including using relationships between forms, but I was just presenting you with the simplest option.

    Hope that helps a bit.



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