Great app BUT with a BIG handycap = data are not secured

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  • October 29, 2009 at 12:29 PM #3018


    Hi TapForms-Support,

    I have tried “Tap Forms Lite” with my 3GS and in the begining I was very very happy to have found this app in the AppStore. I got pretty soon convinced to buy this App but fortunatelly I have noticed a very critical issue and constrain.

    If you access directly to the sql datafile the data entered in TapForms can be read by anybody with a simple viewer. Well, if you could imagine this is not exactly my understanding with “Tap Form uses AES-256bit encryption”.

    However, the data in the database file can be read with a simple viewer AND the pictures within TapForms are absolutely not protected. They can be simply found in a directory into the iphone.

    With this very big restriction I cannot use this App within my company or personal use. I need to ensure that confidential data is safe even if the iPhone get stolen.

    Are there any plans to get this one corrected? If yes I will be glad to buy this app for my daily use.

    Best regards,

    Francis A. Valfort

    November 2, 2009 at 1:22 AM #3815


    Hello Francis,

    The photos and files you upload to Tap Forms are not encrypted.

    For the data, the app uses field-level encryption in the database. So you will see plain-text for those fields that are not encrypted in the database and garbage characters for the forms That’s why you are seeing plain strings in the database file itself. I plan on adding full database level encryption to a future update. But this will require you to enter the encryption key every time you access the application.



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