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  • December 6, 2019 at 8:55 AM #38514


    Hi there,

    I run a computer-repair shop and have been using tapforms to keep track of repairs, serial numbers, parts and prices and customer contacts.
    I have about a thousand records by now.
    I am using the Contact field type to input customer’s names, which works awesome: upon handing in a computer, i input their contact details in the Contacts app on my Mac, and afterwards, i can use the contact-field in tapforms to set up a new record with their name.

    During a repair, i am sending status-updates to customers, at the moment i am manually typing these things and using text-expansion tools to rapidly get through standardized texts.

    After reading up a bunch on scripting here, it seems to me it should be possible to use a script to send out standardized emails.
    I have found so far that it should be possible to create a Web Site type field that is populated with info from other fields to create a mailto link (incl. subject and body info in html code).

    However, upon attempting to write something i immediately got stuck because it looks like there is no way to getfieldvalues from a contact type field?
    i know it should be possible if i create a separate field where i manually input each customer’s emailaddress, but that would mean an extra field entry.

    Too long didnt read-version of my question:
    Is there a way for a script to get values from the contact field type?

    December 9, 2019 at 2:25 AM #38604


    Hi Captain,

    Sorry for not responding sooner.

    I’m looking into this issue now. Originally I didn’t have the Contact field accessible in the list of fields on the Script Editor. But I’ve just added that now.

    But I still have to look into what kind of information you can get from it still.



    December 13, 2019 at 3:44 AM #38686


    ok, well, thanks in advance, and looking forward to the new updates!

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