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  • December 2, 2015 at 11:58 PM #15386

    Opi Data

    How do you find the average of the numbers in several fields???

    I have several complex scripts in Filemaker, which I find cannot be done in Tap Forms such as inputting a message into a field IF a number in a field is < or > than a certain number or IF an average number is too far off from other average numbers in other fields of averages. From what I can tell, this cannot be done and it’s back to Filemaker.

    Let’s just start with finding an AVERAGE. I would like to find the average of numbers in several fields; but only IF there is a number in each field.
    ie – the AVERAGE of 100 fields containing 5, blank, 4,4,3,5, blank, blank, blank, blankā€¦ is 4.2 (the blank fields don’t count as ‘0’)

    How can this be done????

    December 3, 2015 at 2:43 AM #15388


    Hi Opi,

    You can ask Tap Forms to calculate the Average by selecting Average from the Summary Calculation function on a Number or Calculation field.

    There’s no IF statements for non-numeric values. So you can’t have a text value injected into a field based on a comparison. FileMaker has a huge scripting language built-in to it so that’s why they’re able to do advanced stuff like that. I have a basic math parser in Tap Forms that can do some things, but not as much as FileMaker.

    An IF statement would look like this:

    IF(Price > 100, 1.05, 0.0)

    That will return 1.05 if the Price is greater than 100. Otherwise it will return 0.



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