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    Heyward Garner

    Good afternoon!

    I am very interested in purchasing Tap Forms, but there are two things I need to understand before pulling the trigger. I have downloaded the trial for Mac and I have searched these forums without finding specific answers to these questions:

    1) When I “attach” a photo to an entry, is Tap Forms actually copying the photo into its database or is it associating with the file on my storage via some kind of hotlink? This is important because I need to attach a great number of large files but I do not care to duplicate them. I simply want a relationship without actually copying the file.

    2) Is there a way to create a kind of “master form” with the totals / averages / etc. that appear at the bottom of the list view? The idea is to create a printable form with sum totals of my whole collections. Tap Forms is already doing the calculation correctly; any way to put that calculation on a form?


    July 19, 2014 at 8:29 PM #10536


    Hi Heyward,

    To answer your questions…

    1. When you use a Photo field, Tap Forms copies the photo to the following folder if you don’t have iCloud enabled:


    or this folder if you do have iCloud enabled:

    ~/Library/Mobile Documents/FXLPHZS84D~com~clickspace~tapforms/Documents/Photos

    If you use a File Attachment field and enable the Multi-File option, then you can attach one or more files (they can be photos) by using the Alias function. Tap Forms will create an alias file instead of the original file. However, Alias files (actually Bookmark files) on OS X can be quite large. In fact, sometimes they’re larger than the file they’re pointing to. Blame Apple for that :)

    2. If you use the Print command there’s a Show Details button which will bring up the advanced printing functions. On that screen there’s an option to select the print layout. You can choose between printing the record details (1 record per page) or a table of records. The totals will be printed at the bottom of the list of records. If you have a lot of records that spans more than one page, the totals will be printed at the bottom of the last page of records.

    Hope that has answered your questions.



    July 20, 2014 at 8:15 AM #10539

    Heyward Garner


    Very helpful, and thank you for your prompt reply!

    Sounds like I need a larger hard disk.


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