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    Actually I don’t know, id this is a feature request or if I just do not see the way, how to do it right now:

    Our task is to export a text file out of a field of a record.

    Concrete: I made a script field, that produces the complete code for a Vcard. So, until now, I copy the produced code/text to the clipboard, create a text file on the mac, copy the clipboard’s content into the text file, change the text file’s extention from “.txt” to “.vcf”. Than, finally(!), I can drag that VCARD to the Addressbook.

    So, now, I am looking for a way to save the steps in the middle. It would be so great if a could (maybe triggered by a script) force tapforms to export the content of a record’s field to a file and chose the filenames ending/extension directly.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


    November 10, 2019 at 2:06 AM #37981


    The Script engine doesn’t support reading or writing directly to files in the file system. It can only write to records.

    You could export as a CSV file perhaps. I know that vCard files can contain multiple vCards within the same file. Maybe if the data was structured properly enough then you could achieve this.

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