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  • October 4, 2009 at 5:17 PM #3008



    Really like your Version 1.8 – It has alot of potential to reduce the number of applications needed for performing all data management!

    Here are a few questions/suggestions/comments:

    1. The Edit Field screen input titled “Encrypt Field Value” implies the encription will be at field level but is apparently applied to the entire form. Is there a method to only encript certain fields?

    2. Also, I note that once unlocking encription for a field/form that all forms with encription are unlocked until closing the session. Is there a mehtod to re-lock before closing the program?

    In regards to items 1 & 2, I suggest considering an option box to be displayed when Setting Up Encription or when “Unlocking” encription to allow the user to choose what is to be unlocked – Choices: a. Field Only or b. Form Only c. All Forms. I really like the encription option – and plan to stop using SplashID.

    3. I would also support development of a PC & MAC program that emulates the iPhone TapForms screens (similiar to programing tool) that would benefit data input/retrieval/syncing and expand usefulness of the application for both the iPhone and PC/MAC user level.

    Thanks. Patrick

    October 7, 2009 at 2:10 AM #3789


    Hello Patrick,

    The reason I lock the entire form if a single field is encrypted is because you may be using that field as the first or second field in the list view. This means that if I don’t lock the form, you could move a field into those positions and they’d become visible. But since they’re stored in the database encrypted, it would look like garbled text. So you are required to enter your encryption key so that I can decrypt the data and display it to the user.

    When you enter your encryption key I store it in memory for the duration of the Tap Forms session. I suppose I could lock it again if the phone goes to sleep while Tap Forms is running.

    Thanks for the suggestions… I’m working on Tap Forms Mac, so stay tuned. Although it will be a long while before it’s even close to being presentable.



    October 7, 2009 at 3:22 AM #3794


    Thanks for your feedback on the logic behind encripting at the form level. I am looking forward to when you develop a Tap Forms for input via of PC.


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