Duplicate data from one field into another field in a different table

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    I’m building a progress tracker for an installation project.

    I have a table for each area & a table for all the equipment to be installed, project wide. I’m making saved searches in this table so the site manager can track the date each item is installed. In the room table there is a checkbox the installer can check if progress is blocked due to 3rd parties.

    Some of my searches in the equipment table need to reference this field. How can I access this value? I’ve been trying with a linked form field so fields show up in the formula editor, then setting a new field in the equipment table as calc and checking if that linked checked box value is empty but I’m not getting the right results.

    Any advice appreciated, many thanks, Stephen.

    December 17, 2020 at 12:50 AM #42880

    Sam Moffatt

    I’ve read this a few times and I’m not sure I fully understand, do you mind sharing a form template?

    What I think I might suggest is that you have a single form for the equipment that you reference in both places (area and project). You could model this with a link to form field and manually set up the links but a JOIN type might make sense. You can then customise the field to control which fields display in which table which then controls your field. If you had a field for room and project in the equipment form then used link to form JOIN field, you should be able to pull them out with area and project records easily.

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