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  • September 19, 2021 at 11:46 PM #45328

    Tom Kerswill


    Quite often when writing a new script and pointing to a new file, I get undefined when doing getJsonFromUrl() or getTextFromUrl()

    I’m pretty certain this is due to permissions errors. Is there any way of catching an error in Tapforms script and seeing what the error is from a call like this? At the moment it’s impossible to distinguish between permissions errors or something else.

    What I’ve found in the past is that I’ve had to go into Tapforms preferences, and choose a comletely different folder for script folder access, and then set my chosen one again. But this always seems a bit flakey; sometimes when I go back into preferences the folder apparently hasn’t changed.

    I’m also not certain it works if you set a higher-up folder. E.g. ideally I’d like to set my “Documents” folder, but this doesn’t seem to always allow access to files in subfolders.

    Is there perhaps a different way to set permissions? Or perhaps Tapforms could ask for permissions when something tries to access a folder for the first time, using the Security preferences etc.

    Thanks in advance,


    September 21, 2021 at 12:46 AM #45331


    Hi Tom,

    The act of choosing a folder from the user interface is what gives Tap Forms permission to access files within that folder.

    Tap Forms can have a different Script Folder for each document. Could it be that you were working with multiple documents and it just seemed like you had set it before but because it was a different document it hadn’t been set yet?

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