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  • January 7, 2014 at 9:27 AM #8620

    Jim Burgess

    1. When viewing “My Forms” how do I get rid of the “Favorites and Alerts” section? There’s nothing in it and I’ll likely never put anything into it, so it’s just cluttering up the panel. I don’t recall this behavior in prior versions. Why doesn’t this behave like categories–if it’s empty, don’t show it?

    2. There’s nowhere to assign a category during import. It always puts a new imported form in “UNCATEGORIZED” causing additional steps to categorize the form. Since you can’t drag-and-drop a form between categories, a form edit is required to assign the form to the proper category. It would be simpler if the category could be assigned at the time of import.

    3. In “All Forms” create a new category, and rename it to null, i.e., delete all characters.
    Move a form into the new blank category.
    Switch to “My Forms”. The category is still named “NEW CATEGORY”.
    Switch back to “All Forms”. The category is blank.
    But if you rename it to a single space, then rename it again to null, it works.

    January 7, 2014 at 2:12 PM #8628


    1. There’s no way to turn that off for now. But I’ll consider adding code to turn it off if there are no favourites or records with alerts.

    2. Agreed. That would be handy. I’ll consider adding that as an option in a future update.

    3. Probably because I have code in there that if there’s no category name then it sets it to NEW CATEGORY. Gotta start somewhere. For now I guess the space in the name is a workaround.



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