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  • January 17, 2018 at 1:51 PM #27033

    Zippidty Doodah

    Have been trying for most of 2 days now to upgrade from 5.1.4 (861).

    First of all didn’t even know there was an update. There is not an update showing in the Mac App Store app, just “open”.
    Even in purchases in the Mac App Store app, there is no indication of an update.

    Had to search for Tap Forms in the Mac App Store search bar to find the home page for the app and there is does show “Update”.

    However, I have been trying for 2 days to get the update and it just spins.
    I have signed out/in of the app store. I have shut down and restarted my computer, signed into the app store. Nothing works.

    I originally came to the forums, because iCloud sync has not been working for me since well before Christmas 2017. I found a post dated December 2017, that said I should be seeing now an area in the lower right of the TF window to show latest sync date. I don’t see that. Same post indicated I could have a sync icon in the upper bar on the TF window to start a sync. I don’t see anywhere in the preferences where I can add that.

    I now have databases on my Mac and iPad that have records changed on both and new databases started on both and have difficulty seeing how to resolve that as not to lose any databases or records if I were to attempt to turn off iCloud sync and erase document databases off the iPad or Mac to start over.


    January 17, 2018 at 4:38 PM #27038


    Hi Z,

    Tap Forms 5.2.5 was just released the other day. That’s the latest version.

    Since version 5.2, you’ve needed macOS Sierra or High Sierra to run Tap Forms. El Capitan was 3 operating system versions behind and it wasn’t possible to continue supporting the older version with the new features that I had been using from Sierra and High Sierra.

    So you’ll just need to update your macOS version first. Then the update will install. 5.1.4 is the highest version that will run with El Capitan.



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