Canadian Statutory Holiday Calculator

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  • November 30, 2017 at 7:28 PM #26340

    Chris Knight


    What It Is
    This a template that implements a calculator for finding the statutory holidays in Canada when the user inputs a year. Each record will be the holiday dates for the entered year, so a database could be created with a record for every year that someone is interested in which date, including day of the week, a holiday falls on. It is a layout form-based template, using the “default” tabular layout is not really useful in this template.

    This template can also serve as an example of using various date functions [DATE(), NEWDATE()], conditional functions [IF(), IFNOEMPTY()] and miscellaneous functions [SIGN() and STR2NUM()]. There are several techniques that maybe interesting to some, such as: extensive nesting in some calculations; using a checkbox to select which calculation to do; finding exact dates based on which year, month, week, day and even day of the week; using SIGN() as a “less than” function; and demonstrating that TapForms can be more than just a record keeper. :-)

    Using It
    Please use it anyway you like. To use it as designed (i.e. as a holiday calculator), please first create a new record from TapForms’ menu or the plus sign then select the Layout titled “Form”. Then enter the year, as a four digit number, in the only input box there is. All the calculations will be done instantly. If you are in Vancouver BC, then please put a check in the only checkbox there is in order to alter the calculation for Family Day. That’s it, easier than a Google search for a future, past or present year holiday calendar.

    This template is designed for TapForms 5.2.4 and later. Earlier versions will lack one or more functions used. This was done in the Mac version and only tested on an iMac with a large screen.

    This calculator template handles all the nationwide statutory holidays in Canada plus a few others that are common in many provinces and territories EXCEPT Good Friday. Good Friday is based on Easter and Easter is based on the Astronomical full moon. TapForms is not aware of lunar cycles (and probably never should be) so cannot calculate based on them. Sorry about that. Also, there are a lot of regional statutory holidays and this template does not address them but could be easily extended by anyone who wants to. Have fun!

    I don’t believe there are bugs in the calculations I’ve written for this template. However, I did, and cannot, not test it for every single possible year. If a problem is found, please leave a post and I will fix it, time willing.

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    FYI, Chris has been using a beta version of Tap Forms and the functions in this template aren’t yet available as of this post. I will be submitting a new version with these new functions soon.

    December 2, 2017 at 6:59 PM #26417

    Chris Knight


    This is an update to the Canadian Statutory Holiday Calculator.


    1) Added a version number to bottom of form.
    2) Fixed an omission in the calculation for Victoria Day that resulted in the date being off for years where the Monday before May 24th was not in the fourth week.
    3) Changed the Template Icon and Category.

    I was not able to edit my original post or replace the template in it. I was able to delete it and add the fixed one here.

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    April 4, 2019 at 12:29 PM #34286

    Debra Billups

    I am really having trouble loading this form. I’m using Tap Forms 5.3.5. The form downloads to my finder downloads; when I click this file Tap Forms 5.3.5 loads, but then I receive an error message, which I have attached. Help!!!


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    April 4, 2019 at 12:33 PM #34288

    Debra Billups

    Got it!! Was trying to drag it into Tap Forms instead of importing it. My bad. Sorry to bother you and thanks!!

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