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  • September 21, 2020 at 12:09 AM #41998

    Michael Mckenna

    Hi, I have a few questions….
    Q. Can you populate a second field with txt automatically once the first field has been entered?

    Q. Can a txt field automatically be populated on creation of a new record?

    Q. I see you have a Field title column,Left side ,and a ,data column, can you have a 3 column, so effectively having two fields on one line.
    I have seen templates with only a table inserted, I was wondering if there was another choice.

    Q. I have two staff who will hopefully be using this program and am wondering how they sink together, and if I lock a form so it cannot be accidentally modified or deleted.

    A lot of questions, and I really appreciate your time. I am really enjoying the program so far.
    Kind regards

    September 21, 2020 at 12:45 AM #42000


    Hi Michael,

    1. You could do this with a Script field. You would have to write a script that looks at Field A, and then sets some value onto Field B after Field A has had its value set.

    2. Yes. There’s a Default Value option on many field types that you can specify. When you create a new record, the Default Value will be copied into the field.

    3. On macOS there’s a custom layout feature where you can place fields anywhere you want. But on iOS, the label is on the left and the value is on the right.

    4. The Mac version has an Access Controls function on a per form basis. So you can password protect a form and you can prevent people without the password from modifying it, adding, deleting, or updating records. The iOS version has a limited version of this feature where you can password protect a form and the form structure cannot be changed. But not all the other access controls.



    September 26, 2020 at 6:00 PM #42041

    Sam Moffatt

    An example of the first thing is here in this topic on how to link fields when typing which has a few different implementations.

    Depending on where you’re trying to get the third one, this post on multiple horizontal objects in list view might help. There is a slightly different tact focused on doing the same for child records.

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