You can use either Wi-Fi (nearby) or the Cloud to synchronize. For instructions on syncing over the cloud, see the Cloud Sync topic.

To configure synchronization with nearby devices via Wi-Fi:

  1. Open the same database document on each device you want to sync with.
  2. Under the Tap Forms menu, select Preferences.
  3. Click Sync.
  4. Click Nearby.
  5. If the device isn’t listed, click the plus button.
  6. Select the device.
  7. Click Done.

Do the same on all of your devices so that Tap Forms on each device is connected to each other. You will need to do this with every database document that you want to sync with each of your other devices.

It’s ok to have some devices syncing one document and other devices syncing other documents. For example, you may want to sync your private information with just your devices, but sync your shared information with a family member or co-worker with one or more of their devices.

Last modified: Feb 02, 2017

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