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    I created a small database on my iPad (Air 3rd, IOS 13.3) and sync it with my iPhone 11 (IOS 13.3). I use the iCloud Sync. It runs. Addionally I wnat to sync the database with my Apple Watch 5 (OS 6.1.1).

    In the database I configured the “Auf der Uhr anzeigen”-option (means Display on Watch) in the Document options, in the forms options to each table.

    The synchronisation with the watch fails, when I press the sync button.

    On the watch display is no additional button or other tools mask, to provide a sync from the watch.

    How can I force the sync between watch, iPhone and iPad?
    Should I buy the Mac software an use the database from my mac to sync from there to all child devices?

    Please, can you help me?

    December 15, 2019 at 10:30 PM #38761


    Hi Juergen,

    There’s no actual syncing with the watch. Tap Forms for Apple Watch just calls out to Tap Forms on the iPhone to fetch the data every time you tap on a button.

    When you launch Tap Forms for Apple Watch, you should see a Refresh button there. Tap on it and Tap Forms will call out to Tap Forms on the iPhone and ask it for the list of forms that you’ve enabled the “Show on Watch” option.



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