sometime entry gets ” [0,0]” appended

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  • July 19, 2022 at 10:48 AM #47627

    John Wiggins

    I have a field that I fill out from a pull-down list. Sometimes a few of these entries spontaneously have the string “[0,0]” appended to them (without the quotes). It is only a minor inconvenience, and I have made a filter to find these. The change is made to the field only, and the pull-down list still has the entry without the spurious text appended.

    I use Tap Forms 5 on Macs with Monterey, Big Sur, and iPad iOS 15.5. The app is also on iPhone 6s with iOS 15.5. The database is synced to all devices, and used on iPhone very rarely.

    Seems to happen infrequently, not sure why, but suspect it may happen when using App on iPad, perhaps from syncing. I do not make or edit entries often on the iPad, and do not think it is even in a record that I may have modified. If so, it would have been a different field anyway.

    This is only a minor inconvenience but wonder if anyone has thoughts if this is bug or if perhaps I am doing something wrong. I’ve been using this Form for so many years I do not even remember how I did it.

    None of the entries of the pull down list have “[0,0]” and it is easy to fix by just selecting the entry as defined without the “[0,0]”.

    July 19, 2022 at 10:56 AM #47629


    Hi John,

    Oh that’s very strange. I’ve never heard of random text like that being appended to a value selected from a Pick List.

    Would you be able to email me a backup of your document and I can test it out here? Send it to



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