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    Question for everyone,

    If I wanted to create and access a database to keep track of say equipment. Using QR codes (Client – Server)

    Could I put a QR code on this pcs of equipment.

    Then have anyone scan the QR code, and this takes you to a screen that you need a user name and password to access. Once logged in, access the table or the form associated with the QR code.

    If they scan it on the client side, it activates a counter on the server side and tallies up all the Qr Codes scanned…

    Am I asking for too much… LOL

    March 25, 2019 at 11:51 PM #34103


    Hi Eddzo,

    There’s no access controls like that in Tap Forms. So that part wouldn’t work.

    The only two places QR codes are used in Tap Forms is for searching for the value of the scanned QR code and for entering in the data of the scanned QR code.

    However, with a script, you could have Tap Forms take the value of a scanned barcode and do something with it such as call out to your server and do something there.

    If you look at the Scripting chapter, you’ll see an example of fetching from a movie library web service for the given barcode value. You can add a Field Script which will trigger the script when a barcode is scanned into a field.



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