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  • June 3, 2023 at 2:39 PM #49536

    Denny Tuckerman

    I seem to have ‘forgotten’ how to import a CSV file exported from Excel – not uncommon when your 74!
    Also is it possible to import and create a new database (iOS version Tapforms on iPad/iPhone) into Tapforms so that it creates the required fields in to a new database using the columns of the Excel file as the required corresponding fields I need in the new Tapforms database at the same time or do I have to create all the fields manually first so I start with the total structure of the new database but with no records in it yet?

    All help greatly appreciated

    Dennis – Sheffield UK

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    June 4, 2023 at 12:52 AM #49539


    Hi Dennis,

    Tap Forms will definitely create the fields for you when importing into a new form. It’ll use the first row of the CSV file for the field names to create.

    To import a CSV file, you need to first get the file into Tap Forms. You can do that by putting it in iCloud Drive on your Mac or use Dropbox or some other cloud storage service. You can also email it to yourself and then tap on the CSV file in Mail and choose the Open in Tap Forms option.

    Then in Tap Forms, go to the Tools screen, then tap Files, then Imports. You should see your CSV file there.

    Tap on the CSV file and select the Import Records option.

    Then you’ll be able to import that file and Tap Forms will create the fields for you.

    As a hint, if you type in the field types on the first row in angled brackets, Tap Forms will auto-set the Field Type property for each of your fields during the import function.

    Field type tags would look like this:

    Movie Name<text>,Cover Photo<photo>,Release Year<number>,Watched It<checkmark>

    and so on.

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