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Tap Forms and the European GDPR

Hey There,

I've received a few emails asking me how Tap Forms works with the new European GDPR that comes into affect on May 25th, 2018.

Here is the answer to that question:

I don't have access to or store any of your information stored within the Tap Forms apps on any servers that I have access to. Tap Forms stores a copy of your data locally on each of your own devices. A fully licensed copy of Tap Forms does not require an Internet connection to continue functioning.

When you enable sync within Tap Forms, where the data is is synced to is dependent upon which sync service you've chosen.

If you've chosen iCloud, then it's stored along with your other iCloud data on Apple's servers. Where those may be is up to Apple and you'll have to ask them.

If you chose IBM Cloud to sync, then your data is stored with IBM on their servers. I believe you have a choice of where to store your data with IBM Cloud. Here's some information from IBM about the GDPR:

If you chose Nearby (Wifi) sync, then your data is not transmitted over the Internet and goes directly from device to device over your own internal WiFi network.

If you chose Apache CouchDB as your sync service in Tap Forms, then you will have to have setup your own Apache CouchDB server to sync with and only you will know where that server is. It could be on your own Mac on your own network or a service you've subscribed to on the Internet and you'll have to check with them to see if they're compliant with the GDPR.

Bottom line is that I do not store or have access to any of your data unless you send me a backup of your database in order for me to assist you with any issues you may have with Tap Forms.

However, there is one place where information is transmitted to a crash reporting service that I subscribe to. I use the Crashlytics service which sends me a report when Tap Forms crashes. See Fabric's Data Privacy PDF document here: Data Processing and Security Terms.

The data I get to see from these crash reports is what device model was being used (e.g. MacBook Pro, iPhone X, etc.), what operating system version, what device orientation (landscape or portrait), the selected Form or Saved Search name, and a stack trace of what Tap Forms was doing at the time it crashed. This is used to tell me which line in my code caused Tap Forms to crash. In the next update, Tap Forms 5.3 will provide you a switch to let you disable the crash reporting so even that data is not transmitted.


If you have any further questions about this, please don't hesitate to post a message on my support forum or email me directly at

Brendan Duddridge

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  1. Kate says:

    Just interested in any updates regarding GDPR and compliance with EU law. From the above it looks like it’s completely compliant, however, if there are any changes, I would like to be notified.



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