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Sending the Love :)

Hey All,

I don't blog often, but one of my customers contacted me and said they really liked Tap Forms and that they wanted to write a review on the App Store. I really appreciate when customers write reviews, either good or bad. It helps me to understand what they like and don't like about Tap Forms. It helps me to strive towards making Tap Forms the best database app on any platform.

This review was pretty awesome and definitely publish worthy, so with Kate's permission, I am re-publishing her review of Tap Forms here:

For more than 20 years, I have been in a relationship (heh heh, a little database humor) with FileMaker Pro. In the early days of our romance, I was dazzled by FMP’s power and versatility. Because I was new to the concept of databases — normally I kept all my list-worthy content in MS Word tables — FMP had me spellbound and introduced me to a whole new way of working.

During the peak of our relationship, I used FMP to run two back-to-back publishing businesses: circulation, advertising, marketing, and staff/contributor data were all stored, sorted, tweaked, and massaged with the flick of my finger. But as the years went by, our romance began to fade. FMP changed. I changed. We both changed. I just didn’t want to admit it.

Two years ago I launched a new business — a specialty food manufacturing enterprise with me as the chief cook, bottle washer, web master, sales rep….you get the idea. I had big ideas but a very small budget, but the notion of paying $350+ to upgrade my outdated FMP made me balk. Seriously? I’m not running a university; I’m just trying to keep track of my products, my ingredients, my recipes, my mailing list.

As they say in the movies, “If you love something, set it free.” So I did. I said good-bye to File Maker Pro and started looking for a new database app to go out with. A few weeks ago I discovered Tap Forms. Considering how many software trials I have done over the years, at this point I didn’t have my hopes up too high. But as soon as I downloaded and started to test it out, I was in love all over again. Tap Forms is so helpful and friendly and cute and easy to be with that I honestly don’t know what I ever saw in what’s-its-name.

We’ve only been together officially for a week, but in between all my other business duties and obligations I have migrated all of my business data — including 25 FMP files — to Tap Forms and created 10 new databases. (I wasn’t using Bento, so I first had to export my FMP files into Excel.) By using Tap Forms on both the iPhone app and my Macbook Air (running El Capitan), I keep everything in sync both coming and going. The iPhone app in particular is a lifesaver, because I have to spread my time between a commercial kitchen, a warehouse, a car, and a home office, and so the phone is usually my first recourse when it comes to making a data entry. So far, everything has synched seamlessly.

My standard productivity tools on the Mac are Busy Contact, Busy Forms, Apple Mail, and Evernote, but bouncing back and forth among all these apps invariably has created inconsistencies in record keeping. However, because of the ease with which I have been able to create task lists, inventory lists, brainstorming notes etc. in Tap Forms, I’ve discovered that I'm spending more time in this single app and using the others less often. In particular, I’m finding that a lot of what I used to dump into Evernote works much better in Tap Forms. In fact, Tap Forms has streamlined my productivity protocols so much that it is now my #1 “start the day” app.

One final bonus. The documentation and the customer support are amazing. The support docs are well written and very clear, and developer Brendan Duddridge responds to email inquiries with speed and patience.

Of course everyone asks me, “OMG you’re so in love. Have you set the date yet?” And I answer, “Sure. In fact, I have set a creation date, modification date, due date, all kinds of dates in Tap Forms without doing any coding. It’s so easy."

Bottom line: In the spirit of sharing the love, I just want to encourage anyone with a small business — especially if you have been using FMP or Bento — to give Tap Forms a try. Be sure to get both the desktop and the iPhone app.

Like me, you just might realize you have found your software soul mate.

-- Kate from Amesbury MA, USA.

Thanks again Kate for the awesome review!

There's more great things on the horizon coming to Tap Forms, so stay tuned!



3 Responses to “Sending the Love :)”

  1. Oscar says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo con Kate. A mí me pasó con Brnto y desde que descubrí Tap Forms, todos mis empleados y colaboradores lo usan y es genial. Estamos impresionados tanto o más que Kate. Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo.

  2. Kurtois says:

    Would there be an opportunity that I may contact this user? With her being a Filemaker convert, I think she might have the perspective I am looking for with my question.

  3. Eric Brokk says:

    Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing.

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