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How do you use Tap Forms?

Hey There,

One of the great things about Tap Forms is there's really no limit to how you are able to use it to organize things in your life. Whether it be keeping track of your wine collection, managing your customer relationships, tracking inventory, cataloguing archeological digs, managing membership lists, or anything else you can dream of, Tap Forms can help.

Today I found a company called TechnoLawyer who covered Tap Forms in their most recent TL NewsWire publication. Thanks for the mention!

Here's what they had to say:

Launched last month, Tap Zapp's Tap Forms 4.0 (iPhone, iPad, Mac) is a database app. The Killer Feature: Tap Forms supports 23 different types of fields such as text, number, date, time, rating, etc. You'll also find 33 preconfigured databases for storing credit cards, frequent flyer account numbers, email accounts, software licenses, and more. If you use Tap Forms on multiple devices, you can sync your databases via iCloud or store them on Dropbox. Other features include barcode scanning, calculations, and encryption. Tap Forms costs $8.99 (iPhone), $8.99 (iPad), and $34.99 (Mac). You can try the Mac version for free. Learn more about Tap Forms 4.0 .

I have heard from lawyers in the past who are using Tap Forms in their legal practice and that got me thinking about all the many other ways that Tap Forms can help to enrich your lives. Over the years I've heard from many thousands of customers who are thrilled with Tap Forms and use it in ways that I could never have dreamed of.

So I would like to gather all that information into one place which in order to help other Tap Forms customers and potential customers know just how useful Tap Forms can be for them.

I would love it if you could respond to this post with a small blurb about how you use Tap Forms in your daily lives. I would very much appreciate that.

Also, please head on over to the Tap Forms Template Exchange Forum and see what's there. Feel free to upload any of your Tap Forms Form (.tff) template files that you wish to share with other Tap Forms users.

Keep on tapping!



32 Responses to “How do you use Tap Forms?”

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi! I just was checking today to make sure that Tap Forms was still around and developing — great to see that there are updates! I’m a graduate student in history and I use Tap Forms to organize the sources that I find in an archive. Most documents are hand-written, so I retype them into a note in Tap Form so that it’s easier to analyze them. I only created one form, but it forces me to write down all the citation information (which archive, document number, etc), and I use some of the autofill features (like date accessed) to also help me find documents. I began using Tap Forms thanks to a recommendation from a history professor who was using Bento in a similar way to keep track of all of her sources. She said it was sort of like having an automatic “label” created for each one of her sources. Tap Forms was cheaper and worked on more platforms, so I went with it over Bento and have been happy with it so far.

  2. I design, build and manage a whole bunch of web sites. For all the web sites I manage I need to record all the client details, the web site details and work undertaken during the month. I use Tap Forms to hold all this information so I quickly see how the web sites are configured as not all of them use the same plugins etc.
    I also use the web site details to keep a track of my google search terms and page rankings.
    I have to produce a monthly report for some of my clients so the information I record against the web sites is used as input to the monthly report.
    I just started using Tap Forms last week having been looking for a replacement for Bento which I used some time ago.
    I am only at the start of developing what I need but I know that the addition of relationships will allow me to build a really good information database for all my business. Love it :)

  3. Pawel Glaz says:

    Hey Brendan!

    I guess I am not very creative with my use of Tap Forms but here’s what I do with it:

    – keep track of my books, when I started to read them and when I finished (and using the calculation feature, what is my average reading time)
    – keep track of my flights (I travel a lot) – and again, using the calculation feature, how much time I’ve spent in the air (87 hours since I started tracking it)
    – most important dates in my life – yet again, using the calculation feature I can see how many years have passed since a certain event.

    I guess you can see that I enjoy the calculation feature a lot :)

  4. Rodney says:

    I teach chemistry at the college level. So, Tap Forms is useful for cataloging research articles that are important to my work. I often makes notes about the procedures used. Or note that a particular article would be good for students.
    One other thing I do is to keep a database of questions used on exams. For multiple choice I can save the problem, answer, year used and how many people got a problem correct. For written problems the ability to save images of a worked solutions is nice. I plan to store good answers to essay questions in the future.
    Thanks for this app.

  5. Phil says:

    As a fiction writer, I use Tap Forms to keep track of submissions to agents and editors. I have agents’ names, photos, submission date, current status, comments on manuscripts, submission requirements, and days since submission. I could do most of this with a spreadsheet, but the limits of a table view are too restrictive. Tap Forms gives me the flexibility I want.

  6. Jamie says:

    My company provides Tech support and sales for education and SME’s. I’ve used Tap Forms on iPhone for years to record my daily mileage which is then a simple export for my expenses claim.
    I’ve just created a Supplied equipment inventory – with which I can barcode scan equipment to enter the serial number. This means I can look up any supplied equipment to check warranty details etc.
    I’ve just downloaded Tap forms for Mac too so I hope to integreate that into my systems :) Thanks for a great App

  7. pmtsc says:

    I have a Mac, IPad Mini and iPhone 6 but generally use Tap Forms on my iPhone more than the other options.
    I have built my own Home Inventory Database, Home Expenditure Report and Tracker, Gardening Journal, Secure Password Database, Personal Contacts List and Business Customer Call Report which I use on business trips to make a quick record of meetings for later printing to a call report.
    I love the adaptability and individuality I can build into each database and the ease of use from my iPhone 6.

  8. Michael says:

    I am an Antique Dealer dealing in silver and Jukeboxes and was a great fan of Bento which finally gave up on me. Tap forms has been a life saver, a lot of my stock is out on loan to other dealers in repair workshops and without a database I would not be able to track. Being able to keep related files helps with research on an object and its photographs.
    Work on the database on my Mac and have my inventory on my iPhone at all times. Thanks for a worthy successor to Bento.

  9. alex says:

    I use tap forms to track bookings for my entertainment agency.

  10. Matt says:

    I run a recruitment business and use tapforms to record notes from candidate interviews along with a photo. Also for storing contractor information in one place.

    Works very well but would love to be able to sync data from two or more different sources (different icloud accounts) is this possible?

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Matt,

      No I’m sorry it’s not possible to sync across more than one iCloud account. The only data that’s available to Tap Forms is the data in the currently logged in iCloud (or Dropbox) account.



  11. Yogie says:


    I’m using Tap Forms at multiple purposes.

    One is to keep track of receipts inbound and outbound for my bookkeeping, so that each receipt has it’s own tracking number and that the tracking numbers are in order and that I do not have any gaps.

    Then I keep track on my cars gas purchases and usage.

    I also use Tap Forms for keeping track on routes I drive for my own business.

    I use it to store call notes.

    I use it to store all my MAC addresses so that I have all devices in place to recall which MAC address at my WiFi and Network is owned by which device and I know which FW rules are needed.

    I do keep track of my photographic equipment for the insurance.

    And when I’m on the road I use Tap Forms to keep an eye on my expenses.

    Then I keep track on my bodies health values, like weight and blood pressure measurements etc.

    I also use it as a check list for multiple purposes, packing list for photo shootings, grocery, travels etc.

    And finally I sync multiple devices via DropBox, iPad, Laptop, iMac…

    Maybe I’ve forgotten the one or other use case but I think you already see, that I use Tap Forms on a daily basis :)


  12. Kristie says:

    I am a quilter, and use Tap Forms to help me keep track of my projects (status, location, etc.) and the various threads that I own. I also have a Fabric Wish List with photos that I use while I’m on the road. Each record includes the name of the designer, fabric line, yardage needed, and the name of the project for which it will be used.

  13. Peter Vrijlandt says:

    Since the beginning of Hypercard and later in FileMaker and Bento I am building databases (sorry ‘Forms’) for different purposes.
    I have 4 Forms:
    1) Addresses (with address, phone and email data).
    2) Litterature, books and articles.
    3) Notebook, with all kind of information.
    4) Recipes.

    Especially the addresses were difficult. I wanted to be able to sync one way to Gmail contacts and to my mobile phone (an old Nokia with an SD-card). And I wanted to print an address book as a hard copy. I could not find a good template for addresses and the print possibilities in TapForms are restricted to labels with multiple on one page but all labels the same. That is not what you need to make an address book (perhaps I overlooked something?). So I exported a .csv file and made an applescript to convert the data to a format that could be pasted in a text processor. I wil post the template and the script when it is ready to ‘publish’. Gmail contacts is no problem, because it can import .csv files. Only the header names should be corresponding to Gmail’s field names. For the mobile phone I wrote an applescript to convert a .csv file to vCard format that the phone can import.
    I think it is important to have information in one base and distribute from there to different places.
    I also have a database of passwords and pincodes, but that one I do not in TapForms but in Numbers, because I could not find a way to password protect a single form.

    • Peter Vrijlandt says:

      I found a way to print labels as an address book. There is a ‘hidden’ possibility in the layout/labels section. Just make the section a little bigger. Then you can check ‘Multiple records per page. In the print dialog choose: Details (1 record per page). This is a strange choice, but this combination works to make a beautiful address book.

  14. David Watters says:

    TapForms is a powerful piece of software enabling me to do my job better, faster and more accurately. I’ve been able to successfully upload data from an online application form with many parameters and then sort into sensible chunks by using the available search tools. Combining searches allows me to narrow down the data required enabling me to focus on the most relevant information. Most of my work is carried out on an iMac (27inch) but I also sync using iCloud to my portable devices (iPad mini, iPhone) and this works seamlessly. At any time I’ve had questions, I’ve posted these online and someone (usually Brendan) has replied within 48 hours with a detailed response – allowing me to continue enjoying what TapForms has to offer. It’s a powerful tool and tremendous value for money so I’d thoroughly recommend to any prospective database user. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  15. I have been using various Windows and Mac databases since 1982. My favourites to date are ACT2000 (Windows) Bento and now that Bento is gone, TapForms. I just wish TapForms was networkable. If it was I could replace all my Windows computers at work with Macs and run our entire business with TapForms replacing ACT.

    For now, I am using TapForms for:

    1) Vintage Postcard Collection
    The best part is that I can search the database to see what cards I already own so that I no longer end up buying cards and then finding that I already own one just like it).

    2) Sheet Music Library
    I am music librarian for Wellington Wind Symphony and have inventoried all of our sheet music, and can keep tabs on the dates we played the piece, who the soloists were, who the conductor was, if the piece is out on loan to another band and the date loaned and dates expected back, etc. Works great!

    3) Travel Plans
    Details about flights, hotel bookings, car rentals etc.

    4) LP Collection
    My husband has a large record collection which I enter on my desktop computer and sync to his laptop.

    5) Website Administration
    I keep track of passwords, domain names, registrations, expiry dates etc.

    6) Computer Software and Hardware that I own and which computer the software is installed on and all related details.

    Someday soon, I intend to create a database of all our personal assets for insurance purposes.

    My biggest wish is that Brendon would someday find a way that we could simply use on a network within a small office. We have 6 computers (none of which are on the internet for security reasons) and syncing via iCloud is not an option (and I don’t really trust iCloud to be either available long term or particularly safe from hackers or viruses). We rely heavily on our computers for day to day operation of our company so have segregated these computers from internet and files incoming from outside.

    Brendon is an amazing person and gives the level of service that makes me want to give him more business. I am more than happy with his product and cannot wait to see how he takes this product into future years.

  16. czuch says:

    I use it exclusively for language learning.

    Each of my Forms is simply a database of words, with each entry being composed of 4 fields: creation time, modification time, “word” and then either “definition” or “translation”. It’s all text-only and the entry count goes north of 3000 in some cases.

  17. Robert Krampf says:

    I run a subscription based, science education website. As I produce new videos, experiments, and other resources, I key them to the state science standards from different states. I use Tap Forms to keep track of all the standards, for all of the grade levels. When I produce a new video, for example a video on the different forms of erosion, Tap Forms makes it easy to see all of the standards from different grade levels and different states that deal with erosion. This lets me scan each, and tag the video with the standards that it directly supports.

    Besides helping me with my business, Tap Forms is making it possible for me to help teachers find exactly the resources that they need.

    • Shane Colby says:

      Mr. Krampf, you helped me make my science classes better when I discovered you back around 2002.
      So, if this product is good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.
      Brendon, I’m buying it — to categorize and quantify my increasingly unmanageable amount of jokes that I have written that I attempted to keep sorted in useable ways in Keynote and Evernote, but failed.

  18. German Herrera says:

    I am an artist. Have made many prints of my work, all of them editioned, so I keep details on where the print is, if it was purchased, by whom. In which paper was it printed, and any other anotations, like title, year and an image of the piece.
    I use about 25-30 fields.

  19. Ron Lowe says:

    I use Tap Forms everyday on my Mac, iPad and iPhone! I absolutely love all the capabilities! I use to use Bento and found Filemaker too expensive for a single user. I record every prospect and my activities with each. Once they become a customer I simply change the status field. I currently have over 1200 prospects & customers. I include their scanned agreement, artwork and terms of the sale. Great software application, keep up the great work!

  20. Hank says:

    I am currently evaluating TapForms for purchase. I am looking for a way to track my hobby of growing bonsai. I have seen an application designed specifically for that purpose and useable on both OS X and iOS. The price is about the same as TapForms but I think TapForms will give me more flexibility.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Hank,
      I evaluated several different software packages and apps and compared the ease of use, features, benefits, syncing and more and my conclusion was and continues to be TapForms!
      I use it 8-10 hours a day to track, and record my prospects, customers, and many of the personal forms, including banking, health & auto & life insurance, driver’s license, inventory, and so much more!
      It is absolutely GREAT! And their support is unheard of, the fastest I have ever seen! And there are various videos on the internet for training! It can’t be beat for the great price! And I am looking forward to any and all the new features and benefits in future releases!
      Good Luck!

  21. I have recently started to use Tap Forms in our independant cinema business to hold our database of films and distributor contacts. This has replaced a very long and tiresome Excel spreadsheet.

    I was so happy to discover Tap Forms after looking at other database products, and being disappointed that Bento had left a gap in the market. It’s so cool to have a Mac feeling app that is easy to use and fast to search. It’s also so easy now to paste in lots of data from Excel.

    I purchased directly from the Tap Forms website, not through the Mac App Store, so I can’t review it there, but I love it!

  22. Hank says:

    Thanks for sharing how you use TapForms, Ron. It certainly sounds useful. I have used FileMaker (Mac) and Access, and DBase III (PC at work) and I have always appreciated the power and ease of use of FileMaker. If TapForms is anything like that, I’m sure I will be using it.

  23. Chip Malinowski says:

    I’m a GTD’er for personal productivity. (“Getting Things Done” by David Allen)
    So, in TapForms I have my 10 Responsibilities, the Projects I plan to complete for each responsibility this month (22 total), and the next Task I have to perform to make progress on each Project this week (241 total).
    The tasks are sorted by location (where I have to be to do them), so all the items I have to pick up at the grocery store are together, things I have to do at home during daylight, things I have to do on the phone, things that are on hold until I hear back from somebody, and I have a “brain dead” category of things I could accomplish while watching TV or waiting in line anywhere.
    I also have encrypted forms for my 337 usernames and passwords, and photos of loyalty club cards (Apple eventually caught up with Wallet and Keychain, but I don’t know how well encrypted the Apple products are.)
    I also have 41 stories I have partially written, not ready to publish yet, but ready for me to add more whenever I get an inspiration.
    (I’ll admit I am thankful to have an iPhone with fingerprint recognition now. I got pretty fast typing my one encryption key to unlock all my other passwords, but TapForms now just reads my fingerprint instantly. Thanks, Brendan, for incorporating all the iPhone features. Next I need to learn VoiceOver.)

  24. Richard says:

    I only discovered Tap Forms 9 months ago but immediately fell in love with it!

    I’d spent nearly two years looking for the perfect Angling App. But I had many wishes, such as (above all) comprehensive import/export function, but also the ability to log the unsuccessful sessions, which are no less important to analyse later, as the succefull trips. I simply couldn’t find the perfect app, that did everything.

    Then I found Tap Forms and basically just turned it into My Perfect Angling App!

    I’ve got forms for, Sessions, Catches, Statistics, Weather Conditions, Tackle Inventory, Venues and basics like Tasks, Stuff to Buy and Notes but everything related to fishing. Everything is linked together of course, so for example I can choose a lake, see all the fish I’ve caught from it, from there choose a fish and jump to the corresponding Session Log.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the new feature of sorting / grouping photos by GPS location. It would be so cool to see photos from venues or catch logs at their corresponding position on the map.

    And when I’ve got that my next request would be to link up with a weather service API, allowing me to fetch current data and automatically populate a new record. In fact the options are endless when you start thinking generally about third party API integration ;-)

    All in all though, a fantastic app even as it stands now. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new universal iOS app!!

    Incidentally, TF is basically a polished consumer version of the clunky but heavyweight business software that the company I work for develops.

  25. scneophyte says:

    Here’s what I have so far:

    1) Small Business Project Management / Finances tracking.
    Forms: Projects, Expenses, Companies, Actions, Mileage Reports, Sales

    2) Plant Database
    Forms: Plants, Care Records, Websites

    3) Personal Issues
    Forms: Issues, Interactions, Phone numbers

    4 – in my mind) Makeup
    To keep track of makeup I’ve tried and what I like / dislike

  26. Luka says:

    In our orchestra, we have a big inventory of music scores. Each score maintains a whole file with Full Score and a original part for each instrument. To make sure, we can play the titles even after a couple of years, there has always to be a minimum of one original copy for each part in the cupboard. To prevent any kind of chaos, we were looking for a great database software to keep tracking all the scores. We searched the web for over a month to find a great app that meets our expectations. We needed to be able to create a checklist for each score while being able to easily edit it. We found Filemaker, which is extremely expensive for our small orchestra and it is quite tricky to create a relational database. Microsoft Access seemed to be the best solution, as people told us in forums. But there is no mac version of it.
    Then I met Tap Forms. The way to costumize it, to be able to create own templates immediately convinced me to buy the software. And it was the right choice. I’m completely into this piece of software. Now, we haven’t just created a checklist but also a system of barcode tracking.
    With own layout templates wich we add as “overview paper” into each score file, we immediately see if the requested instrument part is in it. With the enhanced search, we are able to detect all incomplete scores.
    The best about it is the barcode system. We customized a label which fits the size of our file’s label holders. We placed the score title and the barcode onto it. With just one “click” we printed labels for all our 400 scores! The barcode on the files make it possible to scan it via iPhone without taking the whole bunch of instrument parts out of the cupboard. We can edit the file within seconds on the iPhone and see whether it is complete or not and who is the person, which hasn’t returned his instrument part. ;)

    And last but not least: Brendan’s support is great. You get a personal reply after minutes. Keep on the good work!
    And another thing which maked me buying Tap Forms: Purchasing your software isn’t a subscription, where you have to spend a lot of money each month. One payment – that’s great!

    The only thing we are missing is a web version of tap forms, so you can edit and view the database online. Would be nice, if Brendan or one of his mates could realize something like this. ;)

  27. Daniel Archetti says:

    I’m a “process” guy! Love to have all my ducks in a row on a consistent basis and be able to access this information across several ios devices. I use TF to hold all specific account data (probably 40 fields), Promotions (probably 25 fields and link the form to the account profile), Sales meeting format such as who, what, when, where, next steps. Also for trade show leads. I scan their badge, identify actions from a drop down list then take a picture of the products they’re interested in and email it to them before they’ve left the booth right from TF! Lastly, I use it to hold all product data (maybe 80 fields) from images, all specs, pricing…Best app i’ve ever used!

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