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1Password extension integrated with Tap Forms for iOS 8

Hey There,

I don't know about you, but I love 1Password. I use it all the time to manage all of my passwords. They have a slick user interface and the integration with the browser is second to none. Plus they're a great Canadian company and since I am Canadian, I am very proud that such great software is coming from Canada. Patriotism aside, I just wanted to let you know how Tap Forms has been integrated with the 1Password extension for my next update.

When you access any Website field type within Tap Forms, you'll see a new 1Password button appear in the bottom toolbar. Tapping on that will reveal the ability to launch the 1Password extension right from within Tap Forms. The 1Password extension view will be displayed letting you select from which password you want to use for the website you're visiting. Tapping on it will dismiss the 1Password view and will populate the fields with your login information automatically. It's really very slick!


Agile Bits has said that over 100 apps are supporting the 1Password extension. They've highlighted 20 of them and Tap Forms has been included in their initial list.

So head on over to the Agile Bits blog and read up on all the great apps (including Tap Forms) that will include support for the awesome 1Password extension:

Please note that Tap Forms for iOS will require iOS 8. That shouldn't be a problem as usually more than 90% of users upgrade to the latest iOS version very soon after release.

Also, Tap Forms Mac 3.0 will require a minimum of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, but preferably Yosemite. Keeping compatibility all the way back to OS X 10.7.5 took far too much of my time, so it's the end of the road for Lion. Although it was a good kitty cat as was Mountain Lion, to keep Tap Forms moving forward, I had to let go of the past.

Please Note: Tap Forms Mac 3.0 will be a free upgrade to all existing customers. However, it may come with a price increase for new users. So there's no need to wait for 3.0 to be released before purchasing.



2 Responses to “1Password extension integrated with Tap Forms for iOS 8”

  1. Yogie says:

    Brendan, these are fantastic news, now the best iOS Organizer get’s the best password security integration! Highly appreciated!

  2. Adrian Lambert says:

    I was a diehard 1P user for years but lately their push left some of my older devices out in the cold so I switched to lastpass and haven’t regretted it for a second. Integration with that system would be a plus for me.

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