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Tap Forms 3.8 for iOS and 2.2 for Mac released

Hello There,

Update April 30, 6:28 PM MT
Apple has accepted my request for an expedited review of Tap Forms version 3.8.1 and it is now live on the App Store. Thanks for your patience while I worked to correct the issues with version 3.8.

Update April 29, 3:06 PM MT
I have just submitted the 3.8.1 update to Apple for review which fixes the issue with the missing iCloud Sync button and the saving functions not working. It also fixes the crash for iPad when tapping on the Set or Change Encryption Key button. There are some other fixes too.


It's been a little while since my last update and I'd like to let you know what's new in the latest version of Tap Forms for Mac and iOS which was just released today.

The most important thing is that you will need to click on the Reset iCloud Sync button to get iCloud sync working again. This is because I've made some changes to make iCloud sync even more secure than it already was.

From the What's New notes in the Mac App Store:

This version of Tap Forms requires version 3.8 of Tap Forms for iPhone and iPad and 2.2 for Mac in order for iCloud sync to function. You will need to click the Reset iCloud Sync button in Tap Forms before syncing will continue to function. You only need to do this on one device.

+ Performance improvement fetching records in multi-column list view.
+ Tabular printing will now print the calculation summary row.
+ Custom layout printing now works better. Wow, that was pretty vague, eh?
+ Improvements to Search All function.
+ Checkboxes now displayed in Link to Form fields.
+ Fixed bug selecting records from an inverse Link to Form field. Previously it would not let you select more than one record at a time.
+ You can now select which fields to export on the Export Records screen.
+ Added "Snap to Other Objects" feature to the Layout Designer. When you drag objects or resize them, they'll snap to the other objects in the layout area.

Both Mac and iOS versions:

+ iCloud sync will use your own encryption key to encrypt sync files. You must set the same encryption key on all your devices in order to sync.
+ Added "is empty" and "is not empty" search comparison operators.

If you have any questions or issues with this latest update, please don't hesitate to post on my forum or send me an email.



42 Responses to “Tap Forms 3.8 for iOS and 2.2 for Mac released”

  1. Sara says:

    Uhm, where did the “Reset iCloud Sync” button/iCloud sync settings go in iOS?

  2. Brendan says:

    Hi Sara,

    Well, I made a mistake when deploying the iPad version. But it’s there still on the iPhone version in the Tools area. I’m fixing it right now and will send an update to Apple as soon as I’ve finished testing it. Sorry for the trouble.



  3. Hi Brendan.

    I installed the latest version on an iPhone 4S and an iPad 3 both running on iOS 7.1.1.

    (1) Neither the iPad nor the iPhone version offers the ‘Reset iCloud sync’ feature.
    (2) The iPad version crashes after tapping on Tools -> Security Settings -> Change Encryption Key

    So, setting the same encryption key on both devices is not possible.

    (3) I set an encryption key in the iPhone version but I cannot delete it.


  4. Hi Brendan.

    There seems to be a further problem with the iPad version.
    Using ‘Create Backup File’ generates a file of 1.6 MB whereas on the iPhone it’s 23.8 MB.
    During the creation process (which is about a second!) on the iPad the message box doesn’t show the records currently processed.

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Thomas,

      It’s all related to the same issue. Tap Forms thinks it’s running cracked, so it’s disabling a bunch of features. When you generate the backup file, iCloud is off, so all your media files aren’t being backed up because they’re in iCloud, not on your local folder.



  5. Alan says:

    The update has deleted data from some fields, I can’t edit anything or add new data because the keyboard doesn’t appear. It’s broken, basically, and a large amount of data is apparently lost…

    • I cannot confirm data loss on an iPhone 4S and an iPad 3 running on iOS 7.1.1.
      Anyway it’s always a good idea to save several backups on Dropbox.
      I do it regularly and keep the last three versions on Dropbox.

    • Julez says:

      Same Problem here. No data loss, but can’t edit and fields. (Text/number).

      The save button is always disabled.

      The problem also appears if I try to change the title or increment amount of a form field.

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Alan,

      I haven’t seen any data loss issues. If you email me a new backup file I can investigate to see if Tap Forms is somehow missing data. Also a screenshot showing which data is missing would be helpful.

      I am working on a fix right now to send to Apple today for an emergency update.

      Sorry for this terrible trouble I’ve caused.



  6. Alan says:

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have said ‘lost’ because I do have copies uploaded to Dropbox. I have never done it before, but I’m guessing I need to create a new file and import it (rather than importing it to the existing corrupted file). I should have also indicated that I am using an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1.1. For the moment, I’ll wait to see if there’s an update coming.

  7. Scott says:

    Do you have a timeframe for when the ipad app will be available again in the App Store?

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Scott,

      I’m sending a new update to Apple today. I’ll put in a request for an expedited review. But that’s not guaranteed. They seem to take about 3 or 4 days to review an iOS app if there’s no problems with it. They didn’t seem to catch these issues in their last review. The problem happened only after the app was released on the App Store and did not appear in beta testing.



  8. This all can happen.
    But we all know it happens rarely because it’s Brendan who does a perfect job. So let’s be sympathetic and just wait for the launch of an updated version. In my humble opinion there is no other company which takes care of customers in such a way like Tap Zapp does.

    I use the app for a long time now and what are some days of waiting compared to all the months of increased productivity with Brendan’s app.


    • Brendan says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks very much for your kind support. I really appreciate it. I feel terrible when something like this happens because it affects a lot of people.

      The gist of the problem is that Tap Forms believes it is running on a cracked copy due to some anti-piracy code I have in there. There was a setting that I missed which told Tap Forms when the app was running from an App Store release as opposed to a beta release. This caused certain functions to be disabled in the release version which should never have been disabled. So this is why I didn’t have the problem before releasing to the App Store.



  9. Brendan, you know I’m also a programmer since 35 years and I’m quite sure this happens just once in your life. That’s my life experience. Fingers crossed.

  10. Alan says:


    I have sent the backup file and screenshots that illustrate the data loss I have experienced. Thank you for your very prompt response to these problems – it is appreciated.

  11. Mark Dehnert says:

    Hello Brendan,

    since your last update for Mac OS i have problems to use the category lists. This problem is only in my layout. Normally there is the icon at the end of the data field for my choice. Actually there is nothing. If you like, i can send you a picture.

    In the standard layout is everything fine.

    with kind regards

  12. Strangeite says:

    First, I have said it before but it can’t be said enough, awesome program. I had completely geared up to use Bento, bought multiple copies and then… well everyone knows the rest of that story.

    I then found Tap Forms and it is works better than what I hoped Bento to be. If you are curious, let me know and I will provide you a Use Case for how we are implementing the program. One implementation I am quite proud of is using jQuery and HTML to map data from the database onto a map showing reservation availability for my music festival. You have no idea how much time it saves.

    So. The reason why I am leaving this comment. There are a couple bugs that have cropped up and I wanted to report them, not because they are bad, but because you should know. It is obvious you care about your work.

    First, before the last update and even after, when I restore (OS X version but not iPad or iPhone) from a file located on DropBox, the entire window goes completely gray and the program locks up. If I force quit and restart, the database is there with the new data.

    Second, since the update, it has slowed waaaaaay down. Before, if we were working on it for a couple of hours, things started to get sluggish but if we restarted the app, then it would be lickety split again. Now it starts to slow down in minutes.

    Don’t think of these as complaints, but more like notes.

    BTW, when I was picking up a new machine at the Apple Store the Business Consulting guy that always comes out to… I don’t know what his job is or why he always comes out when I’m buying something. Anyway, Tap Forms came up and I was talking about how awesome it is and is the perfect solution to the problem I needed solving. He had never heard about it but took some serious notes. I only mention it because there are many other small business owners like me out there and Tap Forms is what they are looking for even though they don’t know it. The “business consulting whatever they are” people are in a perfect position to let people know about the app. I don’t know how to spread the word to them, but if you figure it out, it could pay dividends.

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Strangeite,

      Thanks very much for your awesome comments. I’ve received a few emails from Apple business consultants at various Apple Retail stores asking for evaluation copies of Tap Forms. I never hear back from them after I give them the promo codes though. Strange. Every little bit of word spreading helps of course.

      I will be investigating the performance slow-down. I did make some big performance gains for the multi-column list view, but it seems that I did that at the expense of the single-column list view. It could be that now I’m calculating the heights of all the rows before they are displayed. It looks pretty, but it seems to be at the expense of performance. I’m thinking of ways to improve that.

      As for the restore, if you copy the backup file to your computer and not reference it directly from Dropbox does that make a difference?

      I’ll do some experiments with that.

      Also, could you send me a screenshot of that grey screen?

      Thanks again!


      • Strangeit says:

        Not a problem.

        In reverse order from your requests.

        I wanted to test why the app goes completely grey (since you are in Canada, I will defer to your spelling). First, I again restored the .zip from my DropBox folder just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, the entire window went grey. I then copied the file to my desktop and restored from there. It also went grey.

        You should know, the original .zip file was not generated from this computer but from my wife’s. Our work flow necessitates that she maintains the database on her computer, iPhone and iPad (and syncs between those using iCloud) and deposits a backup onto DropBox, from where I restore onto my computer, iPad and iPhone (which leads to another minor critique, since I have to copy the .zip from the shared folder on DropBox into the folder that Tap Forms created, in order for me to restore on my iPad and iPhone, see the comment I left in the forum about a month ago for more details).

        Anyway, when I restore from that backup, the entire window goes grey and I can’t do anything further. I was incorrect in my earlier comment. I don’t have to force quit the app. It will shut down using the drop down menu, but nothing in the Tap Forms window works. The only thing I can do at that point is close the app and reopen. After which the data is all there.

        I will send you a screenshot via email.

        • Strangeit says:

          Since leaving this comment and planning to head to bed, I realized that I am an idiot.

          I don’t need to copy and paste the .zip file from one folder on DropBox to the actual backup folder that the iPad and iPhone uses. As long as I restore first on my computer, I could then sync using my iCloud account (different from the one my wife uses to sync between her devices) and it will show up on my iOS devices.


          I haven’t tried that yet, but I will do it in the morning.

      • Strangeit says:

        After I emailed the screenshot, almost immediately, he had identified the problem.

        I am impressed. Again.

  13. John says:

    I love this application. I have installed in 3 macs, 2 iPads and my phone. Since the update….. Desktop computers are unable to sync! Reseating iCloud does not work. After 3 days I wonder whether synchronisation on Dropbox is an alternative. iCloud is and has always been until unable to all my syncs .

    1. All updates installed.
    2. Resetting iCloud from computer, or I devices (I have tried both?
    3 re enabling sync

    It only works if I unlink my computers. Desktop version is unusable. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Brendan says:

      Hi John,

      This has nothing to do with iCloud and Dropbox would have the same issue. This is due to a recent update to the way Tap Forms encrypts sync files being sent to iCloud. Tap Forms requires that you have the same encryption key set on all your devices now. I would recommend clicking on the lock button on the toolbar, then click on “Set Encryption Key”. If it doesn’t say “Set Encryption Key”, but instead it says “Change Encryption Key”, you can use the Keychain Access application to search for “Tap Forms”, then delete the entry that has the kind “application password”. Then re-launch Tap Forms Mac and then click on Set Encryption Key. Set it to the exact same value on all of your devices. On the iOS version it’s available under the Security Settings screen in the Tools area.



    • Brendan says:

      Also, once you’ve set the encryption key (and this is a different thing than the Passcode), you will need to again click on the Reset iCloud Sync button on each of your devices. Technically it’s only required for one device, but just to be sure, do it on all devices.



      • John says:


        What can I say? Thank you very much. It’s working perfectly. I never used encryption key! Thanks a lot for this great product and for taking your time to reply to our queries.


  14. Rowland says:

    When I start up Tap Forms, it does not accept the encryption key I gave it. I set the encryption key on my iPad, iPhone and 2 Macs and was able to sync everything. Now I’m going back to my Macs, and one accepts it while the other does not….

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Rowland,

      Did you have encryption turned on in Tap Forms on your Macs before the last update? And if so, did you click on the “Change Encryption Key” button on your Macs after the last update? If so, then there is a bug which is causing the database file not to be able to be read. I have fixed this for the next update and I can fix your database file for you if you send it to me and I can return it to you. Please send it to me at support at tap forms .com



      • Rowland says:

        Where exactly is the DB file located?

        • Brendan says:

          The TapForms_db.sqlite file is stored in:


          You can copy and paste the above path into the Go to Folder command in the Finder. That command is available under the Go menu.

          But what I’m going to do is upload an update to the demo version which should be able to read the database file. But you’ll have to copy the TapForms_db.sqlite file into the ~/Library/Containers/com.tapforms.mac-demo/Data/Documents folder. Then launch the demo version. You should be able to login and see your data. But you’ll want to decrypt the database, then put it back into the non-demo folder using the path above. Then you should be able to get in without the key. Then you can encrypt it again if you like.

          Sorry for the hassle this has caused. I’m readying the next production update which fixes this problem.



  15. Brendan says:

    Excellent. Sorry I didn’t respond to the “when” comment. I was out and didn’t have a chance. But I’m glad it’s working again for you.

  16. Gloria says:

    my Tapforms 3.0.3 will no longer import my Bento database. Error 512, Description: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 512.), Line: 39, Column: 40
    was hoping to change to Tapform but need your help

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Gloria,

      Please email me your Bento template and I can examine it. Most likely there’s a bad character in one of your Choice fields. I’ve seen that happen before. I can fix it for you and send it back to you.



  17. Marc Fournier says:

    Hi Brendan,
    I am a new user of TapForms on my iPad first. Great app. I bought the iPhone version and then last week the Mac version.
    However, I am still, after many tries, stuck with not being able to sync my devices to iCloud.

    The issue I am facing is that when ever I click on the “activate iCloud sync” the app crashes. This happen on both iPhone and iPad. Both of them are running iOS8.4 and TapForms 4.0.1.

    On my Mac, it’s seems to work but obviously it only see it’s own Mac as a “registered device”.

    I deleted Tapforms on my iPhone and reinstall it. Still crashes when I try to activate iCloud sync.

    What’s worst is that I do have a form I’ve created on my iPad that I don’t want to loose (particularly the picture attached to each record (108 records), and I cannot save it anymore. When select my form and select “export records” it crashes.

    I also tried to deactivate iCloud from my Mac and on my iPhone and iPad. It hasn’t changed anything.

    Hope you can help me.



    • Brendan says:

      Hi Marc,

      Do you have iCloud Drive enabled on your iPhone and iPad? That’s the main cause of crashing when trying to enable iCloud sync on iOS.



      • Marc Fournier says:

        Hi Brendan,

        Yes I do. I see on my iPhone for instance, in iCloud the Tap Forms as part of my iCloud storage (I have 149GB available – I bought 200GB). In fact on both (iPhone and iPad) devices, under iCloud/manage your storage, I see Tap Forms with 2.6mb and 3 crypted files.


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