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Tap Forms 3.0.3 Released

Wow, that was fast!

Tap Forms 3.0.3 which fixes the iPhone 5 encryption key bug is now being distributed around the world on the App Store.

Additional features in this release include:

  • iPhone 5 screen size support.
  • When the First Sort Field is a Date or Date & Time field type, records are now grouped into Month and Year sections.
  • Improved sorting of accented characters.
  • iCloud sync bug fixes and improvements.
  • iCloud sync screen now displays upload and download progress.
  • Export Records will now optionally export linked records.
  • Export Records will now optionally export media (photos, audio recordings, drawings, and file attachments).
  • You can now detach files from File Attachment fields.
  • Zip files can now be unzipped on the Files screen.
  • Emailing and exporting records will now create a zip file in order to store all associated files.
  • Swedish translations.

It is now safe to update to this version. The iPad version has also been updated to include these new features too. The Lite version is still in review, but I suspect it will be available shortly.



15 Responses to “Tap Forms 3.0.3 Released”

  1. Shannon says:

    I can’t update. Keep getting the message that it is no longer avaliable

  2. Brendan says:

    Hi Shannon,

    Just wait a little longer. That’s happened to a few people today, but they try later and it works. Apple’s just updating their servers around the world with the update so it might take just a bit longer for you to get it.



    • ram says:

      hi brendan,

      always you reply quiet fast. i have a question. with iphone 5 and update all my photos and file attachemnts is gone.

      but i have a back up file on 05th sep 2012. 172.4 mb

      today i backed up the tap forms it came only 30.4 mb. which means all the old photos have gone.

      my question is after backing up both the files restoring first from the 172 mb file and then again restoring from 30 mb file will it be combined with all data or not ??

      i despartely need to do something to get my hold photos / docs back.

      can you help ??

      • Brendan says:

        Hello Ram,

        You could always open up your backup files and copy all the photos from one backup into the other and then restore that. The backup files are just regular zip files. You’d have to re-zip the files though. Make sure if you do re-zip the files and folders that you make sure they’re at the top-level of the zip file. Don’t put them into a folder and zip that. However, merging your database won’t happen. When you restore, Tap Forms will delete the old database and copy over the new one.

        One thing you could also check is in an application called iExplorer, look to see if all your photos are in iCloud. It’s possible you just turned off iCloud on one device without telling it to “Keep a Local Copy” and then did a backup then. In that case all your photos would be in iCloud but not in your backup. That may explain the size differences of the backup files.



  3. Shin says:

    Hi Brendan,

    When I change the phone from iPhone 4 (first) to iPhone 5, I had the problem with passwords. This is the problem you mention in this blog, right?

    Even after update to 3.0.3, I still cannot access to the database with password lock… Do I need to downdate to older version (3.0.0 or 3.0.1?) once and then update to the latest?

    Many thanks for your kind support!

    • Brendan says:


      No, updating to Tap Forms 3.0.3 should fix the problem accessing your database. Does it ask you right away when you launch the application? Or does it let you inside, but only certain forms you can’t access? If that’s the case, then go to the Security Settings screen and tap on Set Encryption Key. Since you moved to a new device, you need to set the encryption key. Make sure you use the EXACT SAME key you used on your iPhone 4. Otherwise you’ll have to uninstall Tap Forms, restore your database and try again.



  4. Shin says:

    My case was the later, and yes! your advice worked. Thank you very much for your kind and prompt support. Quite impressive. Sorry if I miss any instructions on your blog before…

  5. David Gideon says:

    Here’s one that you might not know about. When I enter my Tap Forms security code it doesn’t always enter. When it doesn’t enter, the small boxes remain blank and the app won’t open. The only way I can then get it to work is by turning my iPhone 5 off and restarting it. It then works once and then stops working again.

    Please let me know:
    1. if you are aware of this problem, and
    2. if you plan to correct it.



  6. Brendan says:

    Hello David.

    I have fixed the passcode entry field bug for the next update. You don’t have to turn your iPhone off though. You can simply force-quit Tap forms using the multi-tasking dock and then re-launch it.



  7. bobrebelbob says:

    I was deleting fields from a 3 field form. I deleted fields one at a time. When I deleted the last remaining field, the system locked up and would not except any touch commands and finally crashed back to desktop with App closed.

    Also, I created a 4 field form with the last field being a calculation field. I decided that I would not use a calc field and attempted to delete it (last of four fields). I used the RED (-) delete function. It locked up the system and then crashed to the desk top with the App closed.


  8. Brendan says:

    Hi Bob,

    I have corrected the field deleting crash for the next update.



  9. bobrebelbob says:

    Need to multiply two check mark fields to get value 1 if both fields are checked. Based on your directions here:

    If you were to do something like multiply that result by a Check Mark field, then the result would be multiplied by 0 or 1 depending on the state of the check mark field value for that record. So it could be useful for some things

    This may work if the form already has a number field included but if it does not, forget it. You test for numerical field before you allow.


  10. Brendan says:

    Hi Bob,

    There’s no restriction on that. You can have a form which has only a couple check mark fields in it and then add a calculation field. In your formula you can specify each check mark field and multiply them together.

    I just tested that. It works.



  11. Steve says:

    Hi Brendan,

    I’m a keen user of Tap Forms on my iPhone 5s and MacBook Air. It’s been a bit flaky for the last month or two. I was hoping with Yosemite and latest iOS that all would be well especially with sync. I also downloaded v3.0 (561) to my MBA just now and it’s not good. Very laggy/unresponsive and I see the spinning beachball between every action. It’s not quite right… Have restarted etc but still not right. It’s not really useable in this state. Thought I would let you know and hope you can fix it.

    I do like tap forms and sync between devices but it’s become hard work now. :-(

    All the best,


    • Brendan says:

      Hello Steve,

      Sorry for the performance issue. How many records do you have in your forms? Also, could you try the different Database Maintenance tasks such as Vacuum, etc. to see if that makes it speed up a bit.

      I am working on a performance upgrade for a future update which will dramatically improve the performance of Tap Forms.



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